Are Children Allowed on AMA River Cruises? Expert Advice & Guidelines

Are children allowed on AMA river cruises? This is a commonly asked question among families who’re planning their next vacation. AmaWaterways offers family river cruises specifically designed to accommodate families with children, offering a variety of activities and amenities to keep young travelers entertained throughout their journey. However, it’s important to note that children must be at least four years old to sail on an AmaWaterways' family river cruise. This age requirement ensures that all passengers, including children, can fully enjoy the cruise experience and participate in the activities provided. On our cruise, all of the children were teenagers, indicating that the family river cruises cater more towards older children who can fully appreciate and engage in the activities offered on board. Nonetheless, an AMA river cruise remains an excellent choice for families seeking a memorable and enriching vacation experience.

Can Kids Go on AmaWaterways Cruises?

AmaWaterways, a renowned river cruise company, welcomes families on their river cruises. However, there are certain guidelines to be followed when it comes to children. To sail on an AmaWaterways family river cruise, children must be at least four years old. This ensures that the cruise experience is suitable for all passengers, including young children who can actively participate in the activities and enjoy the cruise.

However, it’s worth noting that on the family river cruises I’ve been on, the majority of children were teenagers. This indicates that while younger children are allowed, the cruises offerings and entertainment may be more tailored towards older kids and teenagers.

It’s important to plan and prepare ahead of time, ensuring that your children are comfortable throughout the flight. Pack essential items such as snacks, games, and entertainment to keep them occupied during the journey. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the airlines child policies and any necessary documentation required for traveling with children.

Lastly, it’s advisable to arrive at the airport early to allow for any unexpected delays or extra time needed to navigate through security with your children. This will ensure a smooth and stress-free start to your AmaWaterways family river cruise. With proper planning and preparation, flying with kids can be an enjoyable experience, allowing you and your family to make the most of your river cruise vacation.

Emerald Cruises, known for their exceptional travel experiences, maintains a policy regarding children under 12 years old. Generally, these young adventurers are ineligible to partake in their tours and cruises. However, there may be exceptions during Christmas tours and cruises, subject to Emerald’s discretion.

Are Children Allowed on Emerald Cruises?

Emerald Cruises understands the importance of a family vacation, but when it comes to their tours and cruises, they’ve certain guidelines regarding the eligibility of children. Generally, children under the age of 12 aren’t allowed to participate in Emerald Cruises tours. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule, such as the applicable Christmas tours and cruises.

This means that the final decision regarding the participation of children rests in the hands of Emerald Cruises. Parents should contact the company and discuss their situation to see if their child can be accommodated on these specific tours or cruises.

Emerald Cruises aims to provide a unique and enriching experience for their guests, and some destinations may be more suitable for adults. The company wants to ensure that all participants can fully enjoy and appreciate the destinations without any restrictions or limitations.

This allows them to provide a sophisticated and relaxed environment for their guests, enabling them to truly unwind and immerse themselves in the beauty of the destinations they visit.

It’s worth noting that the decision to exclude children from their tours isn’t meant to discriminate against families. Rather, it’s a strategic choice made by Emerald Cruises to cater to the preferences and expectations of their target market. Families with young children seeking a river cruise experience may need to explore alternative options that are specifically designed to accommodate children.

Yes, children are allowed on American Queen voyages as long as they’re accompanied by and stay in the same accommodations as a parent or another responsible adult who’s at least 25 years old.

Are Children Allowed on American Queen Voyages?

American Queen Voyages welcomes children on board it’s cruises, but there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by and share the same accommodations as a parent or guardian who’s at least 25 years old. This ensures that there’s proper supervision and care for the children throughout the voyage.

Parents or responsible adults should make sure that they occupy the same room as the child, as American Queen Voyages requires this for safety and security reasons. This ensures that there’s always someone accountable for the childs well-being and can provide assistance if needed. It also helps to maintain a peaceful and comfortable environment for all passengers on board.

The focus of these cruises is generally on adult-oriented activities, entertainment, and cultural experiences. However, this doesn’t mean that children won’t have a good time. They can still enjoy the scenic views, explore historical sites, and participate in family-friendly activities that are available on board.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Certain Activities or Amenities on the Cruise?

Yes, there are age restrictions for certain activities and amenities on AMA River Cruises. While children are generally allowed on board, there may be restrictions on certain activities, such as access to the sauna or spa, due to age restrictions. Additionally, some excursions or tours may have age limits for safety reasons.

Other popular river cruise lines such as Avalon, Emerald Waterways, Emerald Cruises, and Riviera have different age requirements for passengers. Avalon allows passengers who’re 8 years old and older to come on board. Emerald Waterways, now known as Emerald Cruises, has an age requirement of 12 and over for most of their cruises. Riviera also follows a similar rule, with passengers needing to be 12 years old and above, except for certain Christmas tours. Scenic, on the other hand, accepts passengers under 12 at their discretion, except for their Christmas cruises that are more family-oriented.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Go on the Avalon River Cruise?

When it comes to river cruises, different cruise lines have different age restrictions for passengers. This means that children who’re 8 and above can join their families on an Avalon river cruise adventure.

Emerald Cruises, formerly known as Emerald Waterways, is another popular river cruise line. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Emerald Cruises offers both river cruises and ocean yacht services. However, their age restrictions are a bit different. On their river cruises, Emerald Cruises typically limits passengers to those who’re 12 years old and over.

Riviera is another well-known river cruise line that’s age restrictions in place. Similar to Emerald Cruises, Riviera typically accepts passengers who’re 12 years old and over. However, they do make exceptions for some Christmas tours, which may allow younger children to come aboard.

Scenic, part of the Scenic Group, is another river cruise line that offers cruises for passengers of various ages. They generally accept passengers under 12 at their own discretion, but this can vary depending on the cruise. It’s worth noting that Scenic does offer more family-oriented Christmas cruises, so they may be more lenient in allowing younger children to come aboard during these holiday-themed trips.

This way, families can plan their vacations accordingly and ensure that everyone meets the age requirements.

Tips for Families Traveling With Children on River Cruises

  • Prepare a checklist of all essential items and pack them accordingly.
  • Bring enough diapers, wipes, and baby food to last throughout the trip.
  • Pack comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for various activities on board.
  • Research and select a family-friendly river cruise line that offers age-appropriate amenities and services.
  • Check if the cruise ship provides childcare or babysitting services to enjoy some adult time.
  • Bring along travel-friendly toys, games, and books to keep your children entertained during the voyage.
  • Consider booking cabins with extra space or connecting rooms to accommodate your family comfortably.
  • Try to book shore excursions that offer child-friendly activities and attractions.
  • Don’t forget essential travel documents, passports, and any necessary medical information for your children.
  • Discuss safety guidelines with your children and establish meeting points in case they get separated from you.
  • Pack motion sickness remedies if necessary and consult with your pediatrician before the trip.
  • Encourage your children to try new foods from the onboard dining options and local cuisines during shore excursions.
  • Set aside time for family bonding activities and enjoy the scenic views together from the ship’s deck.

Source: River Cruise Policies: Smoking, Alcohol and Age Restrictions

It’s worth noting that while Scenic Cruises does permit children on board, their cruises are primarily designed for adults. Although there may not be many children’s activities or amenities available, it’s important to remember that all passengers under 21 must still be accompanied by an adult.

Are Children Allowed on Scenic Cruises?

While Scenic Cruises does allow children onboard, it’s important to note that these cruises aren’t specifically designed with children in mind. Unlike some other cruise lines, Scenic doesn’t offer a wide range of childrens attractions or amenities. This means that if youre planning a family vacation, you may find that there arent as many kid-focused activities available for your little ones to enjoy.

This ensures that there’s always responsible supervision and that everyones safety is prioritized.

They can still appreciate the stunning scenery, enjoy the delicious food, and partake in some of the activities and entertainment on offer. However, parents should be aware that the overall atmosphere and activities may be more geared towards adults and may not have the same level of kid-friendly options as some other cruise lines.

If youre hoping for a more adult-focused getaway, you may find that Scenics luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere is perfect for you.


However, there’s an age requirement in place, with children needing to be at least four years old to be eligible for sailing. This may be something to consider when planning a family trip with younger kids.

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