Are There Any European Cruises Over Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is a cherished time for families and friends to come together and celebrate gratitude, and what better way to do so than embark on an unforgettable European cruise? Exploring the wonders of Europe while enjoying the luxury and comfort of a cruise ship sounds like a dream come true. However, finding European cruises over Thanksgiving break may require some dedicated research and planning. With the vast array of cruise lines and itineraries available, it’s crucial to navigate through the options to determine if there are indeed any European cruises that align with the timeframe of Thanksgiving break. By delving into the world of cruising, considering the various destinations, embarkation points, and cruise lengths, one may discover the perfect European getaway during this festive season. So, let's explore together and uncover whether there are any European cruises over Thanksgiving break, and set the course for an extraordinary holiday adventure.

Is Thanksgiving a Good Time for a Cruise?

Thanksgiving is a popular time to cruise, especially on big-ship lines. It’s a time when families are looking for a fun and convenient vacation option. Many schools have a break around Thanksgiving, making it an ideal time for families to get away. This means that cruise ships with kid-friendly amenities like water slides and go-kart tracks are likely to be filled to capacity.

With the holiday season just around the corner, Thanksgiving cruises offer a unique way to celebrate with loved ones. Imagine gathering around a festive dinner table on board a luxurious cruise ship, enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving feast without having to worry about the cooking or cleaning up afterwards. It’s a stress-free way to create lasting memories.

Additionally, cruising during Thanksgiving allows you to visit a variety of destinations without the hassle of packing and unpacking. You can wake up in a different port each day, exploring the wonders of European cities, cultural landmarks, and breathtaking scenery. Whether youre cruising along the Mediterranean, visiting the Baltic capitals, or discovering the charm of the Greek islands, there are European cruises available for Thanksgiving break.

The weather during Thanksgiving in Europe can vary depending on the region you choose to visit. Some areas may experience cooler temperatures, while others may still be mild and pleasant. It’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. But regardless of the weather, the beauty and history of Europe will still enchant you.

Alternative Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving on a Cruise Ship (e.g. Themed Events, Special Menus)

  • Enjoy a Thanksgiving-themed buffet spread with all the traditional dishes onboard
  • Participate in fun Thanksgiving trivia contests and games
  • Indulge in special holiday-themed cocktails and drinks
  • Watch a Thanksgiving movie marathon under the stars
  • Join a Thanksgiving parade or deck party with live music and dancing
  • Take part in a turkey carving demonstration and learn some culinary skills
  • Visit the onboard spa for a relaxing Thanksgiving-themed treatment
  • Enjoy a special Thanksgiving dinner at one of the ship’s elegant dining venues
  • Take part in a Thanksgiving charity event or fundraiser organized by the cruise line
  • Attend a Thanksgiving-themed theater show or musical performance onboard


It’s important to plan and book ahead, as availability may be limited and prices may vary. Additionally, considering alternative travel options such as river cruises or small ship excursions may provide a unique and intimate experience.

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