Are Tips Included on Viking River Cruises?

Viking River Cruises is renowned for providing exceptional service and an unparalleled travel experience along some of the world's most picturesque waterways. As you plan your upcoming adventure, you may be wondering about the topic of tips and gratuities. At Viking, we believe in ensuring that our guests can fully relax and enjoy their journey, without the need to worry about additional expenses or navigating complicated tipping protocols. That's why we offer two convenient options for managing gratuities. You’ve the choice to pre-purchase gratuities at our standard recommended rate per guest per day, which varies based on the destination you'll be exploring. Alternatively, we can automatically add a discretionary service charge per guest per day to your onboard account, allowing you to have peace of mind knowing that all service personnel will be appropriately recognized for their dedicated efforts.

Are Gratuities Mandatory on Viking Cruises?

When it comes to gratuities on Viking River Cruises, many travelers wonder if tipping is mandatory. The answer is no, as gratuities aren’t included in the cruise price. However, they’re certainly appreciated as a way to show your satisfaction for good service.

Viking River Cruises takes pride in their dedicated onboard staff, from the Hotel Manager to receptionists, restaurant servers to housekeeping. These individuals work tirelessly to ensure that your cruise experience is exceptional. While their service is exceptional, tipping isn’t mandatory.

Instead, Viking encourages guests to consider tipping as a voluntary gesture. If you feel that the service you received was exceptional and you’d like to show your appreciation, a gratuity is a welcome way to do so.

The amount you choose to tip is entirely up to you, and there’s no set guideline. Some guests choose to leave a cash tip at the end of the cruise, while others may prefer to use onboard accounts to add a gratuity at the end of the trip. Regardless of how you choose to tip, it’s important to remember that it’s appreciated but not expected.

Tipping isn’t included in the cruise price, and the amount is entirely up to each individual guest.

How to Handle Tipping on Other Cruise Lines Besides Viking River Cruises

When it comes to tipping on cruise lines other than Viking River Cruises, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific tipping policies of each cruise line. While some cruise lines automatically include gratuities in the overall price or offer an all-inclusive package, others may add a daily gratuity charge to your onboard account.

In general, it’s customary to tip service staff such as waiters, cabin stewards, and bartenders on most cruise lines. The amount can vary, but a common guideline is to tip around $10-$12 per person per day. Some cruise lines may provide guidelines or suggested gratuity amounts in their daily newsletters or information packets.

If you receive exceptional service or want to show appreciation to specific staff members, additional tipping is always appreciated. This can be done by providing cash tips directly to those individuals or by adding an additional gratuity to your onboard account at the end of your cruise.

Before your trip, it’s advisable to research the tipping policies of the specific cruise line you’ll be sailing with. This will ensure that you’re prepared and able to show appreciation to the hardworking staff who help make your cruise experience enjoyable.

When it comes to tipping on a cruise, it’s important to remember that each person deserves their fair share of appreciation. A general rule of thumb is to allocate $16–$23 per day in gratuities for every passenger in your party. It’s crucial to tabulate the amount for each individual, rather than combining tips for couples or groups. For a 7-day cruise, be prepared to offer between $112 and $161 per person in gratuities as a token of gratitude for excellent service.

How Much Should I Tip Each Person on a Cruise?

When it comes to tipping on a cruise, it’s important to consider the service provided by each individual crew member. In general, you should plan on giving $16–$23 in gratuities per day for each passenger on the cruise. However, keep in mind that this amount should be tabulated for each individual in your party, so don’t try to tip once per couple or group.

Lets say youre planning to go on a 7-day cruise. In this case, you can expect to give a total of between $112 and $161 per person in gratuities. This amount might seem substantial, but it’s important to remember that the crew members work tirelessly to ensure that you’ve a comfortable and enjoyable cruise experience.

The gratuity amount is typically distributed among various crew members, including waitstaff, cabin stewards, bartenders, and other service providers.

It’s worth noting that some cruise lines have an automatic gratuity charge that’s added to your onboard account. This allows for a more convenient and streamlined tipping process, as you don’t have to worry about carrying cash or calculating individual gratuities. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check whether this charge is included in the total youre expected to tip.

How to Budget for Tipping Expenses on a Cruise Vacation.

  • Research the tipping policies of the cruise line you’ll be sailing with.
  • Calculate the number of days you’ll be on the cruise to determine the total amount of tipping.
  • Consider including gratuity expenses for various service staff on the ship such as cabin stewards, waitstaff, and bartenders.
  • Allocate a specific amount for tipping excursion guides if you plan on participating in any shore excursions.
  • Take into account additional services or amenities you might require like spa treatments or room service.
  • Create a separate budget for tipping at ports of call, especially if you plan on dining or utilizing local services.
  • Factor in any expected currency exchange rates or fees that may affect your budgeting for tipping.
  • Consider using envelopes or keeping a spreadsheet to track your tipping expenses throughout the duration of the cruise.
  • Remember that tipping is customary but not mandatory, so adjust your budget accordingly based on your personal preferences.

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onboard account. This service charge covers gratuities for the ship's staff, including the cabin stewards, restaurant servers, and other crew members who provide exceptional service throughout your voyage. The purpose of this system is to ensure that the gratuities are distributed fairly among the hardworking staff who make your Viking River Cruise experience unforgettable. Whether you choose to pre-purchase gratuities or have them automatically added to your account, rest assured that the choice is yours, and Viking River Cruises takes care of the details so you can fully relax and enjoy your journey without the burden of deciding how much to tip. With Viking's excellent service and attention to detail, you can be confident that your gratuity is well-deserved and appreciated by the staff. So, sit back, relax, and let Viking River Cruises take care of everything, including gratuities, so you can focus on creating lifelong memories on your river cruise adventure.

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