Can I Decorate My Door on Norwegian Cruise?

Are you planning a memorable voyage with Norwegian Cruise Lines and eager to add a personal touch to your experience? By familiarizing yourself with the cruise line's guidelines and using appropriate and non-damaging materials, you can express your creativity and make your cabin door an eye-catching and personalized feature of your cruise adventure.

Do People Decorate Their Door on a Cruise?

Decorating cruise ship doors has become a popular trend among passengers as it allows them to personalize their living space, create a sense of belonging, and stand out from the crowd. It’s a way to showcase their creativity and add a touch of uniqueness to the overall cruise experience. Whether it’s a special occasion, celebrating a milestone, or just wanting to express their personality, door decorations can be a fun and exciting way to do so.

Many even have specific guidelines and policies in place to ensure that the decorations are safe and respectful to others. This allows passengers to express their individuality and create a sense of community among fellow cruisers.

However, it’s important to note that not all cruise lines allow door decorations. In 2019, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) implemented a ban on door decorations due to safety concerns and potential damage to the ships doors. This decision was met with mixed opinions among passengers, some understanding the need for safety while others were disappointed to be unable to showcase their creativity.

So, if youre planning a cruise and have a knack for creativity, don’t hesitate to decorate your door and let your imagination run wild!

Tips and Ideas for Decorating Cruise Ship Doors

  • Use removable adhesive hooks to hang decorations on your cruise ship door.
  • Create a personalized door sign with your name and cabin number using waterproof stickers or vinyl cutouts.
  • Add a magnetic whiteboard or chalkboard to your door for writing messages or daily itineraries.
  • Attach colorful ribbons or streamers to the top of your door for a festive look.
  • Decorate with themed magnets, such as tropical or nautical designs.
  • Use magnetic photo frames to display pictures of your family or friends.
  • Hang a wreath made with artificial flowers or seashells for a touch of elegance.
  • Create a DIY banner with colorful paper or fabric to celebrate a special occasion or birthday.
  • Attach a small mesh pocket organizer to your door to hold small items like sunglasses or sunscreen.
  • Personalize your door with custom-made decals or stickers featuring your favorite quotes or designs.

Now let’s explore some of the various ways in which guests creatively decorate their Royal Caribbean cabin doors while keeping in mind the importance of avoiding any damage to the stateroom door.

Do People Decorate Royal Caribbean Doors?

Yes, people do decorate their doors on Royal Caribbean cruises. The cruise line actually permits guests to decorate their cabin doors, and they even offer decoration packages that include door magnets. It’s quite common to walk through the hallways and find doors adorned with various decorations.

There are plenty of creative ways to decorate your door. Many people use magnetic signs, banners, or even custom-made door decorations that reflect their personality or celebrate a special occasion. Some passengers may also choose to coordinate with their friends or family members by decorating their doors in a similar theme or color scheme.

Keep in mind that while decorating your door can be a fun and creative way to make your cabin feel more personalized, it’s important to be respectful of other guests. Avoid using decorations that may be overly loud or flashy, as they may disturb your neighbors. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to remove your decorations before disembarking, as leaving them up can create unnecessary clutter and inconvenience for the crew members who need to clean and prepare the cabins for the next passengers.

It allows you to add a personal touch to your stateroom and can even serve as an icebreaker or conversation starter with fellow passengers. Remember to use magnetic decorations and be considerate of others to ensure a positive experience for everyone onboard.

Disney Cruise Line is known for it’s impeccable attention to detail, and one of the charming traditions that guests can enjoy onboard is the art of door decorating. From elaborate themes to personalized touches, passengers take great pride in adorning their cabin doors with vibrant decorations. This not only allows guests to showcase their creativity but also adds a sense of whimsy and excitement to the ocean voyage. But what motivates people to embellish their doors during a Disney Cruise? Let’s explore the reasons behind this beloved tradition.

Why Do People Decorate Their Doors on Disney Cruise?

Decorating doors on a Disney Cruise has become a popular tradition among passengers, allowing them to showcase their creativity and add a personal touch to their vacation experience. It’s become a way for families and groups to express their excitement and create a sense of community onboard. The practice originated from Disney World, where guests decorate their hotel room doors during their stay. This tradition was brought onto the Disney Cruise ships, and it’s since gained momentum and become a cherished activity.

Firstly, it serves as a fun and interactive way for families to bond and get into the spirit of the cruise. From designing door magnets to hanging festive banners and garlands, it allows each family member to participate and contribute to the door decoration process. It promotes a sense of togetherness and excitement as everyone collaborates to create a unique and eye-catching display.

It transforms the otherwise plain and uniform doors into a vibrant and visually appealing collage of colors and designs. The hallways come to life with the addition of various Disney-themed decorations, creating a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere. It adds to the overall immersive experience that Disney is known for, making the cruise that much more memorable.

Do’s and Don’ts of Door Decoration on a Disney Cruise

  • Do use magnetic decorations on your cabin door
  • Do consider using removable adhesive hooks for hanging decorations
  • Do choose Disney-themed decorations that are appropriate for all ages
  • Do respect the space and property of others when decorating your door
  • Do include your family’s name or a personalized message on your door
  • Do take into account any safety regulations or guidelines provided by the cruise line
  • Don’t use nails, screws, or permanent adhesive to hang decorations
  • Don’t obstruct the view or access to neighboring cabin doors
  • Don’t use decorations that are offensive or inappropriate
  • Don’t use decorations that could cause damage to the cabin or ship
  • Don’t leave decorations unattended or unsupervised
  • Don’t forget to remove all decorations before disembarking

Cruise enthusiasts who opt for the Princess Cruise leaving on December 9th can immerse themselves in the festive spirit, as the ship will be beautifully adorned with Christmas decorations. True to tradition, Princess Cruise begins decking the halls after Thanksgiving, ensuring that the ship is completely transformed into a winter wonderland by the end of the first week in December.

Does Princess Cruise Decorate for Christmas?

If youre planning to take a Princess Cruise during the holiday season, youre in for a treat. Princess Cruises goes all out when it comes to Christmas decorations on their ships. Starting just after Thanksgiving, the crew begins transforming the entire ship into a festive wonderland. By the end of the first week in December, the ship will be fully adorned with beautiful holiday d├ęcor.

Walking onboard a Princess Cruise during the holiday season feels like stepping into a Christmas dream. The main atrium is typically the centerpiece of the decorations, with a towering Christmas tree adorned with twinkling lights and colorful ornaments. The decorations extend to every corner of the ship, with garlands, wreaths, and other festive touches adorning the staircases, lounges, and public areas.

This can include holiday-themed shows, caroling, and even visits from Santa Claus himself. Passengers of all ages can expect a festive and joyful atmosphere throughout their cruise, with plenty of opportunities to get in the holiday spirit.

How Does Princess Cruise Decorate Their Dining Areas for Christmas?

Princess Cruises goes all out to decorate their dining areas for Christmas, creating a festive and magical atmosphere. The dining rooms are adorned with beautiful Christmas trees, sparkling lights, and festive ornaments in a variety of colors. The tables are set with holiday-themed linens and centerpieces, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. The talented onboard staff also often perform holiday-themed entertainment, such as caroling or live music, to further enhance the festive spirit. Overall, Princess Cruise ensures that their dining areas are beautifully decorated to create a memorable Christmas dining experience for their passengers.

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When it comes to bringing Christmas lights on a cruise, you’ll need to think outside the box and follow your ship’s guidelines. For instance, many cruise lines, including Carnival, have restrictions on string lights and require decorations to be flame-retardant. Additionally, nothing should be hung on light fixtures. So, while it may take some creativity, you can still add a festive touch to your cruise cabin without violating any rules.

Can You Bring Christmas Lights on a Cruise?

If youre considering bringing Christmas lights on a cruise, youll need to find creative ways to decorate without violating your ships rules. Most cruise lines, including Carnival, prohibit the use of string lights. Carnival is one of the largest cruise ship operators, with a fleet of 24 vessels and a significant share of the cruise industry revenue.

When it comes to decorating your door on a Norwegian Cruise, you might face some restrictions. For instance, Carnival Cruise Line, owned by the American-British Carnival Corporation & plc, has a strict list of requirements for decorations. These guidelines include using flame-retardant materials and refraining from hanging anything on light fixtures.

Despite these restrictions, there are still ways to add festive touches to your door. Consider using removable adhesive hooks to hang lightweight decorations such as wreaths, stockings, or small banners. These hooks offer a secure hold while being easy to remove without causing damage to the door or leaving residue behind.

Another option is to utilize magnetic garlands or clings that can adhere to the metal surface of the door without causing any harm. These can add a touch of holiday cheer, and with various designs available, you can choose the one that best suits your festive style.

In addition to door decorations, you can also bring smaller festive items for your cabin, such as tabletop Christmas trees or battery-operated candles. Just be sure to check with your cruise lines guidelines on flame-resistant materials and electronic devices to ensure compliance.

Remember, while you may not be able to bring string lights, there are still plenty of creative ways to decorate your door on a Norwegian Cruise and add that festive ambiance to your vacation.


The main concern is the use of adhesives and potential damage to the door surface. It’s crucial to respect the cruise line's guidelines in order to maintain a pristine environment for all passengers. However, there are alternative ways to personalize your cabin door, such as using magnets or temporary decorations. Ultimately, it’s recommended to check with the cruise line directly to ensure compliance with their policies while adding a touch of personalization to your cruise experience.

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