Can Wines Be Brought Aboard Viking River Cruises? Exploring Wine Policies

When it comes to enjoying a luxurious river cruise aboard Viking River Cruises, one of the questions that often arises is whether guests can bring their own wines and other alcoholic beverages on board. This means that guests can indulge in their preferred beverages either in the comfort of their stateroom or in the various public spaces, including the dining venues. The best part is that Viking River Cruises doesn’t charge any corkage fee, allowing guests to fully unwind and savor their favorite drinks without any additional cost.

Can You Buy a Bottle of Liquor on a Cruise Ship and Drink It?

When it comes to alcoholic beverages on Viking River Cruises, there are certain policies in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests. Regarding the question of whether you can buy a bottle of liquor on a cruise ship and drink it, the answer is yes and no. Viking River Cruises allows each person to bring one bottle of wine or champagne onboard during embarkation. However, no beer or spirits may be brought aboard for consumption.

This policy helps to regulate the amount and types of alcoholic beverages allowed onboard, ensuring that guests aren’t overindulging and remain within a comfortable and safe atmosphere. The one-bottle-per-person rule also helps to prevent excessive alcohol consumption and potential disturbances that may arise from it.

For those who wish to enjoy other types of alcoholic beverages not provided by Viking River Cruises, there are still options available. Alcoholic beverages purchased in ports of call can be brought back onboard; however, they’ll be held by the ship and delivered to the guests cabin on the last day of the sailing. This policy allows guests to sample local wines or other spirits during their onshore excursions, while still maintaining a controlled environment onboard the ship.

It also ensures that the focus remains on the activities, excursions, and entertainment provided by the cruise line, rather than excessive alcohol consumption.

Are There Any Penalties for Guests Found to Be Violating the Alcohol Policy?

  • Guests who’re found to be violating the alcohol policy may face penalties.
  • The nature and severity of the penalties can vary depending on the specifics of the violation.
  • In some cases, guests may receive a warning or be asked to stop consuming alcohol.
  • In more serious situations, guests may be asked to leave the premises without any refund.
  • Repeat offenders may face additional penalties, such as being banned from future reservations.
  • It’s important for guests to familiarize themselves with the alcohol policy of the establishment they’re staying at to avoid any potential penalties.

Cruise lines have different policies regarding bringing your own drinks on board. While many don’t place restrictions on guests bringing their own soft drinks or water to consume in their stateroom, others have more stringent rules. Some cruise lines may prohibit all outside beverages, while some may make exceptions for medical reasons, allowing guests to bring only water when necessary.

Can I Take My Drink on a Cruise?

Most cruise lines have specific policies regarding bringing your own drinks on board. However, it’s important to note that there are exceptions, and each cruise line may have it’s own specific guidelines.

For instance, some cruise lines may only allow guests to bring bottled water on board if it’s necessary for medical reasons. This means that guests would need to provide appropriate documentation or a letter from a physician. In such cases, the cruise line may have restrictions on the quantity allowed or require that the water be stored securely.

This can include soft drinks, bottled water, and other non-alcoholic beverages of choice.

This is because cruise lines have their own onboard bars and lounges that offer a wide variety of alcoholic beverages for guests to enjoy. In addition, cruise lines have to adhere to strict regulations regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol, making it more difficult for guests to bring their own.

Prohibited Items on Cruise Ships

When it comes to prohibited items on cruise ships, each cruise line has it’s own rules and regulations. While some cruise lines may allow you to bring your own wine onboard, others may have restrictions or charge a corkage fee.

As for Viking River Cruises, they’ve a policy that allows passengers to bring wine and champagne onboard. However, there are some guidelines to follow. Passengers are permitted to bring one bottle of wine or champagne per person, and it must be packed in their carry-on luggage. If they choose to consume the wine in the ship’s dining venues, a $25 corkage fee will apply.

It’s important to note that other alcoholic beverages, such as beer or spirits, aren’t mentioned in Viking River Cruises’ wine policy. Therefore, it’s recommended to check with the cruise line directly or refer to their website for the most up-to-date information regarding prohibited items, including alcohol restrictions.

When cruising with Carnival, passengers may wonder whether they can buy alcohol at the ports of call. It’s indeed possible to purchase alcohol during your shore excursions, but it’s important to note that any alcohol bought will be stored for safekeeping until the end of the voyage. Carnival ensures that the retained items will be conveniently available for collection in a designated lounge on the morning of debarkation.

Can You Buy Alcohol at Ports on Cruise Carnival?

When cruising with Carnival, guests may wonder if they can purchase alcohol at ports of call. The good news for wine enthusiasts is that they can indeed buy alcohol while ashore and bring it back on the ship. However, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind when bringing alcohol on board.

All alcohol purchased in ports will need to be stored for safekeeping until the end of the voyage. This policy ensures that guests can enjoy their purchases responsibly and that the ships staff can maintain a safe and controlled onboard environment. The retained items will be available for collection in a designated lounge on the morning of debarkation.

For those planning on purchasing wine, it’s essential to note that Carnival allows each stateroom to bring on board one bottle of wine or champagne (750 ml) on embarkation day. Additional bottles may incur a corkage fee, so it’s advisable to check with the cruise lines specific policies before bringing more than one bottle.

It’s also worth mentioning that while Carnival allows guests to bring wine on board, the consumption of personal beverages in public areas is generally restricted to non-alcoholic beverages. However, guests can freely enjoy their wine or champagne in the privacy of their stateroom or suite.

This policy adds an element of flexibility and personalization to the cruise experience, making it even more memorable for wine lovers. So, if youre a fan of savoring the flavors of different wines while cruising with Carnival, rest assured that you can indulge in the local offerings during your port visits and continue enjoying them on board.

Tips for Selecting and Purchasing Wine at Ports of Call

  • Research the local wine before your trip
  • Consider the region’s specialty wines
  • Look for wine tours or tastings at the port
  • Ask locals or restaurant staff for recommendations
  • Take note of the price range and quality of the wines
  • Consider the type of wine that pairs well with the local cuisine
  • Read reviews or consult wine experts’ opinions
  • Check for any customs regulations on bringing wine home
  • Compare prices and options at different shops or wineries
  • Trust your own taste preferences and instincts when choosing


The cruise line accommodates this by allowing guests to consume alcohol in their staterooms and public areas like dining venues without charging any corkage fees.

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