Can You Eat Vegan on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

Embarking on a cruise vacation is an exciting opportunity to explore new destinations, partake in thrilling activities, and indulge in delectable cuisine. While cruising is widely known for it’s endless buffet spreads and diverse culinary offerings, individuals following a vegan lifestyle may be apprehensive about finding suitable dining options on board. With a range of plant-based dishes available throughout their diverse dining venues, from specialty restaurants to the main dining rooms, vegans can enjoy a delectable and unforgettable culinary experience while sailing the seas with Royal Caribbean.

Do Cruises Have Dairy Free Options?

Planning a cruise but wondering if you can still enjoy vegan meals onboard? The good news is that many cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, offer a range of dietary options to cater to various needs, including vegan and dairy-free diets. However, it’s important to alert the cruise line as early as possible about your dietary requirements, so they can make the necessary arrangements to provide you with suitable meals.

When contacting the cruise line, be sure to specify that you require dairy-free options. This will allow the kitchen staff to eliminate any ingredients containing dairy or modify dishes accordingly.

They’ve the expertise to create menus that cater to different dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and low-sodium diets. Some cruise lines even have dedicated vegan menus or options clearly marked on their regular menus, making it easier for you to identify suitable choices.

This can help ensure that there are no unexpected dairy products included. Additionally, don’t hesitate to ask the wait staff or chef for clarification if you’ve any doubts about a particular dish.

Royal Caribbean offers a flexible dining option called My Time Dining, which allows guests to choose when they dine and who they dine with. This option allows guests to enjoy the ship’s main dining room, order from the same dinner menu, and experience the renowned Gold Anchor Service® that Royal Caribbean is known for.

Does Royal Caribbean Have Flex Dining?

Royal Caribbean does offer flex dining options in the form of My Time Dining. This allows passengers to have more flexibility in choosing when they dine and with whom they dine. With My Time Dining, guests can enjoy the comfort of sitting in the ships main dining room and ordering from the same dinner menu. They can expect the same level of service and attention to detail that Royal Caribbean is renowned for with their Gold Anchor Service®.

One of the main advantages of My Time Dining is the freedom it offers. Traditional cruise dining typically involves assigned seating times and assigned tablemates. With My Time Dining, passengers have the freedom to choose when they want to eat, whether it’s an early dinner or a late-night snack. This flexibility is especially beneficial for those who want to plan their dining around their activities and excursions.

In addition to the flexibility in dining times, My Time Dining also caters to individual dietary preferences. This includes vegan options. Royal Caribbean understands the importance of providing diverse dining choices, especially for those following a plant-based lifestyle. While options may vary depending on the ship and itinerary, guests can typically expect a variety of vegan dishes on the menu.

Description of Other Dining Options Available on Royal Caribbean Ships, Such as Specialty Restaurants and Buffet-Style Dining.

When it comes to dining on a Royal Caribbean cruise, there are plenty of options available for vegans. In addition to the main dining rooms, there are specialty restaurants that offer vegan-friendly dishes. These restaurants often require an additional fee, but they provide a more intimate dining experience with a focus on gourmet cuisine.

Another option for vegan cruisers is the buffet-style dining. Royal Caribbean’s buffets offer a wide variety of options, including salads, fresh fruits, vegetables, and vegan-friendly dishes. However, it’s always a good idea to ask a member of the culinary staff for assistance in identifying vegan choices, as ingredients and options may vary.

While Royal Caribbean doesn’t have a dedicated vegan menu, they’re committed to accommodating special dietary needs. If you inform the cruise line in advance, they’ll do their best to cater to your dietary preferences. It’s also a good idea to speak with the head waiter or maître d’ when you board the ship to ensure that your needs are met throughout your cruise.

Source: MY TIME DINING® – Royal Caribbean Cruises

Additionally, Carnival Cruise offers a variety of beverage options to cater to all passengers’ preferences. Apart from the complimentary drinks, milk can be readily accessed on board. Whether you choose to enjoy it during meals at the buffet or order it through room service, Carnival Cruise ensures that milk is easily accessible throughout your journey. In case you prefer having your own stock, cartons of milk can also be purchased from the buffet. With this level of convenience, you can always find a refreshing glass of milk to accompany your cruise experience.

Can I Get Milk on Carnival Cruise?

When it comes to your beverage options on a Carnival Cruise, rest assured that milk is certainly available and included in the free drinks offered on board. Whether youre lounging by the pool, exploring the ship, or enjoying a meal in one of the dining venues, you can easily find milk to quench your thirst.

In the dining room, you’ve the option of ordering a buffet-style meal or enjoying the convenience of room service. Both of these options provide access to milk, allowing you to have it alongside your favorite dishes. If you prefer a self-serve approach, you can also find cartons of milk available on the buffet.

However, it’s always a good idea to check with the cruise line beforehand or speak to a staff member upon boarding to ensure that there arent any specific restrictions or limitations regarding milk availability. This way, you can plan your cruise knowing that your dietary preferences will be accommodated to the best of the cruise lines ability.

Whether it’s included in the free beverages, offered in the dining venues, or available for purchase on the buffet, you won’t have to worry about missing out on your milk fix while sailing the high seas.

Other Beverage Options on a Carnival Cruise

While Royal Caribbean may offer a variety of dining options, including vegan dishes, their beverage choices go beyond just water and non-alcoholic drinks. Royal Caribbean provides a selection of alcoholic beverages, including vegan-friendly beers, wines, and spirits. They also offer non-alcoholic cocktails and mocktails that are suitable for vegans. So, even if you follow a vegan lifestyle, you can still enjoy a range of beverage options while on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Royal Caribbean is committed to catering to the diverse dietary needs of it’s guests. Whether you’ve lactose intolerance or simply prefer alternative milk options, the cruise line ensures that almond milk is readily available onboard their ships. In addition to almond milk, Royal Caribbean also offers soy milk, whole milk, skim milk, lactose-free, and Ensure for those with specific dietary requirements. With a range of milk choices, guests can enjoy their favorite beverages worry-free while sailing the seas.

Do Royal Caribbean Ships Have Almond Milk?

Yes, Royal Caribbean ships do offer almond milk as part of their extensive beverage options. They understand the importance of catering to various dietary preferences and restrictions, including veganism. Almond milk provides a fantastic alternative for individuals who can’t consume lactose and prefer plant-based milk alternatives.

They provide lactose-free milk for those who’re lactose intolerant and prefer a dairy-based option. Furthermore, soy milk and Ensure are also available onboard for individuals who prefer or require those alternatives. In addition to these plant-based options, whole milk and skim milk are provided for those who stick to traditional dairy-based products.

Whether youre enjoying a refreshing beverage in the morning, at a meal, or even in a specialty restaurant, you can request almond milk to be used in your chosen beverage or dish.

So, if youre wondering if you can eat vegan on a Royal Caribbean cruise, the answer is absolutely yes! With options like almond milk readily available, you can easily maintain your vegan diet while enjoying a comfortable and enjoyable vacation experience onboard their ships. Rest assured that Royal Caribbean remains committed to providing diverse options for all guests, including those who follow a vegan lifestyle.

Availability of Vegan Food Options on Royal Caribbean Ships

  • Vegan entrees available in the main dining rooms
  • Plant-based options in specialty restaurants
  • Vegan desserts offered at select dining venues
  • Customizable vegan menu choices for guests
  • Vegan-friendly salad bar available on deck
  • Plant-based snacks and sandwiches in cafes
  • Vegan smoothies and juices offered onboard
  • Special vegan-themed events and cooking demos
  • Vegan-friendly international cuisines on the menu
  • Vegan wine and cocktail selection available


The cruise line's commitment to providing vegan options demonstrates a growing recognition of the importance of veganism and the desire to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

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