Can You Swim on the Norwegian Bliss Cruise in July?

If you're planning to set sail on the Norwegian Bliss cruise ship in July and wondering whether you'll have the opportunity to swim, the answer is a resounding yes! However, the thought of swimming in Alaska during the summer months might raise a few eyebrows. But fear not, as the magnificent NCL Bliss features a remarkable pool with a retractable roof. This innovative design allows you to indulge in a refreshing swim regardless of the outside temperature. Even in Alaska, where the weather can be unpredictable, you can still bask in the joy of pool time while aboard the Norwegian Bliss.

Are Pools Heated on Norwegian Cruise Ships?

Can you swim on the Norwegian Bliss Cruise in July? Absolutely! One of the fantastic features of Norwegian cruise ships is the availability of heated pools. Whether you’re embarking on the Norwegian Bliss or any other ship in their fleet, you can expect to enjoy a pleasant swim during your cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line ensures that all their pools are heated to a comfortable temperature between 77 and 98 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that regardless of the time of year or the destination of your cruise, you can take a dip and indulge in the refreshing waters of their pools.

You can expect a comfortable water temperature that allows for effortless swimming and leisurely enjoyment.

Norwegian Cruise Lines commitment to providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience ensures that you can make the most out of your vacation, no matter the time of year or your chosen destination.

How Do Norwegian Cruise Ships Heat Their Pools?

  • Norwegian cruise ships use a heating system to warm their pools
  • The pool heating system uses a combination of technology and energy sources
  • Heat exchangers are used to transfer heat from various sources to the pool
  • The sources of heat may include solar energy, waste heat from the ship’s engines, and electric heaters
  • These heat sources are then utilized to warm the pool water to a comfortable temperature
  • The heating system is designed to ensure that the pool water remains at a consistent and enjoyable temperature for passengers
  • Various control mechanisms are in place to monitor and regulate the pool water temperature
  • This ensures that the pools on Norwegian cruise ships are always warm and inviting, regardless of the weather outside

In addition to the two swimming pools on Deck 16, the Norwegian Bliss also features a kids aqua park adjacent to the second pool. This area provides a fun and interactive water play space for children.

How Many Swimming Pools Are on the Norwegian Bliss?

This features a large splash pad area with water cannons, tipping buckets, and various water slides. It’s a popular spot for families with young children to cool off and have fun. In addition, there’s also an adults-only pool and hot tub area located forward on Deck 17, providing a serene and relaxing space for adult passengers to enjoy a swim or soak in the sun.

For those looking for more active water activities, the Norwegian Bliss offers a wide range of options. The ship has a thrilling waterslide complex called the Aqua Racer, which features two tandem slides that twist and turn around the ships funnel. There’s also a double loop water slide called the Ocean Loops, which offers an exhilarating ride that loops over the side of the ship before returning to the pool area.

If swimming laps is more your style, the ship also has a lap pool located on Deck This pool is ideal for those who want to get in a good workout while enjoying the beautiful ocean views. Additionally, there are several hot tubs located throughout the ship, allowing passengers to relax and unwind after a long day of exploring the various ports of call.

Overall, the Norwegian Bliss offers a fantastic range of swimming pool options for guests to enjoy during their cruise. Whether you prefer lounging by the main pool, splashing around in the kids aqua park, or indulging in some quiet time by the adults-only pool, there’s a swimming experience for everyone.

Source: Norwegian Bliss Photo Tour 2 – Beyondships Cruise Ships

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Norwegian Bliss, the largest ship in Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet, boasts impressive dimensions that make it a formidable presence on the sea. With a weight of 167,800 tons and stretching 1,082 feet in length, this vessel offers ample space for it’s maximum capacity of 4,905 passengers.

Is Norwegian Bliss a Big Ship?

Norwegian Bliss, being the largest cruise ship in Norwegian Cruise Lines fleet, is indeed a big ship. With a whopping weight of 167,800 tons and spanning an impressive length of 1,082 feet, this vessel embodies grandeur and opulence. It’s immense size allows for the accommodation of up to 4,004 passengers at double occupancy, with a maximum capacity of 4,905 passengers.

This colossal floating structure offers a plethora of activities and amenities to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of it’s guests. From thrilling water slides and swimming pools to tranquil spa retreats, Norwegian Bliss has it all. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, this ship has something for everyone.

Speaking specifically about swimming on the Norwegian Bliss, you’ll find a variety of options available. The ship features several swimming pools, including an adults-only pool, family-friendly pools, and a thrilling aqua park equipped with exhilarating water slides.

If you’re contemplating a cruise onboard the Norwegian Bliss in July, it’s worth noting that the ships swimming facilities will be open and accessible for you to enjoy. The warm summer weather further adds to the allure of taking a refreshing dip in one of the pools or engaging in water activities such as sliding down the thrilling water slides available.

Amenities and Activities on Board Norwegian Bliss

Norwegian Bliss cruise ship offers a wide range of amenities and activities for guests to enjoy. Whether you’re traveling in July or any other time, you can definitely swim on board the ship. The ship features several pools, including an adult-only pool and a kids’ pool, where you can take a refreshing dip or relax by the water. Additionally, there’s a water park with thrilling slides and splash areas for all ages to have fun in the sun. If you prefer indoor activities, you can make use of the ship’s fitness center, spa facilities, or even try your luck at the casino. Norwegian Bliss also offers a variety of entertainment options such as live shows, comedy clubs, and bars. With so many amenities and activities available, you’re sure to have an enjoyable and memorable cruise experience on board Norwegian Bliss.

The Norwegian Bliss is currently located on the North America West Coast, specifically at coordinates 48.23117 N / -123.48468 W. It’s cruising at a speed of 15.7 kn (29 km/h | 18 mph) and is en route to Victoria, British Columbia. The latest AIS position was reported just 4 minutes ago.

What Is the Current Position of the Norwegian Bliss?

As of the most recent AIS position report, the Norwegian Bliss cruise ship is currently located off the North America West Coast. It’s exact coordinates are 48.23117 N latitude and -123.48468 W longitude. The ship is currently cruising at a speed of 15.7 knots, which is equivalent to approximately 29 kilometers per hour or 18 miles per hour. This information was reported just 4 minutes ago, indicating the current and up-to-date position of the Norwegian Bliss.

The ship seems to be en route to it’s next destination: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Victoria is a popular port of call on many cruise itineraries along the West Coast. The city is known for it’s charming architecture, picturesque gardens, and diverse cultural attractions. As the Norwegian Bliss continues it’s journey, passengers on board can look forward to exploring the beautiful city of Victoria and enjoying the various activities and sights it’s to offer.

While the exact itinerary and activities on board the Norwegian Bliss may vary, it’s highly likely that guests will have the opportunity to swim during their cruise in July. Cruise ships typically have well-appointed pools and recreational areas for guests to enjoy during their voyage. However, it’s important to note that each cruise line and ship may have specific policies and guidelines regarding swimming, especially when it comes to safety measures and age restrictions.

The ships crew and staff will be more than happy to provide information and assist guests in making the most of their onboard experience.

The Onboard Spa and Wellness Facilities on the Norwegian Bliss

  • Full-service spa offering various treatments and therapies
  • Thermal suite with heated loungers, saunas, and steam rooms
  • Salt room for halotherapy sessions
  • Hydrotherapy pool with massage jets
  • Beauty salon for hair, nail, and makeup services
  • Fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment and group classes
  • Jogging and walking track for outdoor exercise
  • Outdoor heated pools and Jacuzzis
  • Spacious sun deck with lounge chairs and shaded areas
  • Relaxation lounge for peaceful and quiet moments
  • Indoor and outdoor relaxation areas with panoramic views
  • Spa café offering healthy snacks and refreshments
  • Professional and experienced staff providing personalized service


With the clear retractable roof on the pool, guests can enjoy a refreshing dip regardless of any fluctuations in temperature. This feature is especially beneficial for those cruising to destinations with cooler climates, such as Alaska, where even during the summer, the weather can still be unpredictable. So, pack your swimwear and get ready to take a plunge on the Norwegian Bliss, as your swimming experience is guaranteed to be enjoyable and comfortable, no matter the month.

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