Does Norwegian Cruise Line Allow Pets?

Norwegian Cruise Line, a renowned leader in the luxury cruising industry, has always prioritized the safety and satisfaction of it’s guests. As such, Norwegian Cruise Line follows a strict policy regarding the presence of animals on board their magnificent ships. While they warmly welcome service animals to cater to the needs of guests with disabilities, other animals, regardless of their species, aren’t permitted on board. This policy ensures the comfort and well-being of all passengers, while maintaining the high standards of cleanliness and professionalism that Norwegian Cruise Line is known for. However, they too don’t accept pets beyond the scope of service animals. Whether you're planning a memorable voyage with Norwegian Cruise Line or considering a captivating journey with Royal Caribbean International, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with their respective pet policies to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone on board.

Can You Bring Dogs on a Norwegian Cruise?

Does Norwegian Cruise Line Allow Pets? That’s a question many pet owners may have when considering taking a cruise with this popular cruise line.

These guidelines state that service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to perform tasks for a person with a disability. Examples of tasks that a service dog may assist with include guiding individuals who’re blind, alerting individuals who’re deaf, pulling a wheelchair, or providing assistance with mobility or seizure disorders.

In order to bring a service dog onboard a Norwegian cruise ship, guests must provide up-to-date vaccination records for their service dog. This includes vaccines for rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and leptospirosis. Additionally, guests must also provide a recent USDA or International health certificate for their service dog.

Unfortunately, Norwegian Cruise Line doesn’t currently allow emotional support animals onboard their ships. While emotional support animals provide valuable support to those with mental health conditions, they don’t fall under the same guidelines as service animals. It’s important for guests to be aware of this policy before planning their cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Policy on Bringing Pets on Board

Norwegian Cruise Line doesn’t allow pets on board their ships, with the exception of service animals for guests with disabilities. Service animals must meet specific requirements and be pre-approved before being allowed on the cruise. This policy ensures the safety and comfort of all guests and helps maintain the cleanliness of the ship. Therefore, if you’re planning to bring a pet other than a certified service animal, it’s important to make alternative arrangements for their care during your cruise vacation.

However, pet owners should be aware that their furry friends won’t have the same privileges as they do onboard a cruise ship. Unlike humans, cats and dogs will be stationed in dedicated facilities known as The Kennels for the entire duration of the cruise. They aren’t permitted to stay in cabins or roam freely in public areas of the ship.

Where Do Dogs Go on Cruise Ships?

If youre a pet owner considering bringing your furry friend on a cruise ship, it’s important to understand that they won’t be joining you in your cabin or exploring the public areas of the ship. Instead, pets are typically housed in a dedicated area called The Kennels. This ensures that the cruise ship remains a safe and clean environment for all passengers.

The Kennels are specifically designed to meet the needs of pets during their time on the ship. They’re kept in a separate area for their comfort and to avoid any disturbances to other passengers. The staff at The Kennels are well-trained in pet care and ensure that all animals are well taken care of throughout their stay.

Pets can often feel stressed in unfamiliar environments and being confined to The Kennels ensures that they’ve a dedicated and controlled space where they can relax.

Rest assured knowing that knowledgeable staff will be looking after them, providing the necessary care and attention to ensure they’ve a comfortable stay.

Source: Pet Cruises: Are There Any Cruise Lines That Allow Pets?

However, for most cruise lines, bringing your dog along on a cruise isn’t an option.

Can My Dog Go on a Cruise With Me?

Cruise vacations are a popular choice for many travelers seeking relaxation and adventure on the open seas. However, for pet owners, the question of whether or not their furry companions can join them on their cruise becomes an important consideration. Unfortunately, the majority of cruise lines don’t allow pets on board, making it difficult for owners to bring their beloved dogs or cats along for the voyage.

One notable exception to this rule is Cunards Queen Mary 2, a luxurious cruise ship that offers a unique pet-friendly experience. The ships special pet area, known as The Kennels, provides a safe and comfortable space for dogs and cats to stay during the transatlantic journey from New York to Southampton or Hamburg. This exclusive amenity allows Cunard cruisers to enjoy the company of their four-legged friends while still indulging in all the luxuries and entertainment options that the ship has to offer.

However, it’s important to note that space in The Kennels is limited and reservations are required well in advance. Pet owners must also adhere to certain regulations, including providing proof of vaccinations and ensuring that their furry companions are fit to travel. Additionally, specific breed and size restrictions may apply, so it’s advisable to check with Cunard directly for detailed information on their pet policy.

What Are the Specific Regulations and Requirements for Pets to Be Allowed on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2?

It’s important to note that Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 doesn’t allow pets, except for service animals. Therefore, individuals can’t bring their pets on board the ship.

These designated relief areas are located on deck and are easily accessible for both the service dogs and their owners. Cruise lines understand the importance of accommodating the needs of all passengers, including those with service animals, and strive to create a comfortable and convenient environment for them throughout their voyage.

Where Do Service Dogs Go to the Bathroom on Cruise Ships?

When it comes to service dogs on cruise ships, one of the most frequently asked questions is about where they go to the bathroom. Cruise lines, such as Norwegian Cruise Line, understand the importance of this issue and have measures in place to ensure that service dogs have appropriate locations to relieve themselves.

To address this concern, cruise lines provide designated service areas on the ship where doggy “relief boxes” are placed. These relief boxes are typically filled with specially selected mulch or other materials that are suitable for dogs to relieve themselves on. This allows the service dogs to have a designated and hygienic area to do their business, without inconveniencing other passengers or creating unsanitary conditions on the ship.

It’s important to note that service dogs are highly trained in this regard and are familiar with the concept of designated bathroom areas. They’re taught to only use these designated relief boxes and to not relieve themselves in other areas of the ship or on the deck.

Before the cruise, passengers can request the ship to provide the necessary supplies, such as doggy bags, to handle waste disposal.

When it comes to bringing pets onboard the Royal Caribbean International fleet, there’s a strict policy in place. While the cruise line warmly welcomes service dogs that are trained to assist individuals with disabilities, they don’t allow other pets to come along for the journey. This clear differentiation between service dogs and pets ensures that those in need of assistance can be accommodated while still upholding the necessary guidelines.

Is Royal Caribbean Pet-Friendly?

When it comes to bringing your furry friends along on a cruise, Royal Caribbean International takes a slightly different approach compared to other cruise lines. While they do have a strict policy of not allowing pets on board their ships, they do welcome service dogs with open arms. Royal Caribbean considers a service dog to be any dog that’s individually trained to perform tasks or work for the benefit of a person with a disability.

This allows the cruise line to make necessary arrangements and accommodations to ensure the service dogs well-being and the comfort of other guests on board.

They recognize the importance of these animals and their vital role in enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities, which is why they’re more than happy to welcome them on board their ships.

What Are the Specific Guidelines and Requirements for Bringing a Service Dog on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

Service dogs are allowed on Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) ships. However, there are specific guidelines and requirements that must be followed. NCL requires documentation, such as a vaccination record and proof of service dog certification, to be provided prior to the cruise. The service dog should be trained to perform tasks directly related to the traveler’s disability. It’s essential to notify NCL of the service dog’s presence at the time of booking. Once onboard, the service dog must wear a harness or vest for identification purposes. Owners are responsible for the dog’s care, including feeding and waste disposal. Additionally, owners must adhere to all local regulations and port requirements throughout the cruise. By following these guidelines, individuals can have a smooth sailing experience with their service dogs on board NCL cruises.


This policy is in line with their commitment to ensuring the safety and comfort of all passengers on their cruises. This information is crucial for anyone considering a cruise and traveling with animals, as it allows them to make the necessary arrangements and find a cruise line that accommodates their specific needs.

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