Does Norwegian Cruises Have Open Seating?

Norwegian Cruises is known for it’s exceptional dining experiences, and one of the standout features is it’s open seating policy. Unlike other cruise lines that have fixed dining times and pre-assigned seating, Norwegian Cruises offers the ultimate freedom and flexibility with it’s Freestyle Dining concept. Whether you prefer to dine alone, with your friends, or even make new friends, Norwegian Cruises caters to all preferences. With a variety of dining venues, including options to dine inside or oceanside along The Waterfront, you can indulge in exquisite cuisine while enjoying breathtaking views. Embrace the freedom to dine as you please and embark on a culinary adventure like no other.

Does Holland America Have Open Seating at Dinner?

Holland America, renowned for it’s exceptional service and elegant ambiance, does indeed offer an open seating option for dinner called “As You Wish.”. This feature is available on all of it’s cruise ships, providing guests with flexibility and convenience during their dining experience. Whether you prefer to dine early or late, alone or with a group, this open seating option allows you to choose your own dining time and tablemates.

With As You Wish, there’s no designated seating arrangement or assigned dining time. Instead, guests can simply walk up to the dining room of their choice during the specified dining hours and be seated on a first-come, first-served basis. This flexibility means that you can enjoy your evening activities without being restricted by a fixed dining time, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable cruise experience.

While the As You Wish open seating option offers more flexibility, it’s important to note that there may still be a wait time during peak dining hours. However, Holland America takes great care to minimize these wait times by implementing various strategies, such as offering pagers to guests waiting for a table. This allows you to explore the ship or relax in a nearby lounge while waiting for your table to become available.

Additionally, Holland America offers a unique feature called “My Time Dining” on select ships. This dining option allows guests to pre-select their dining time and tablemates, combining the convenience of assigned dining with the flexibility of open seating. This ensures that you can enjoy the best of both worlds, tailoring your dining experience to suit your preferences.

Open seating on a cruise refers to the option of having a flexible dining time in the ship’s main dining room. Rather than being assigned a specific dining time, passengers who choose open seating can visit the dining room anytime between the designated hours. This allows for more freedom and convenience in planning meals during the cruise.

What Is Open Seating on a Cruise?

Open seating on a cruise refers to a dining option that allows passengers to have a more flexible dining experience.

With open seating, you’ve the freedom to decide when and where you want to eat, typically between the hours of 5:45pm and 9:30pm. This flexibility is especially advantageous for those who prefer not to adhere to strict dining schedules or want to tailor their meal times to fit with their daily activities or excursions. Whether you fancy an early dinner or a late-night feast, open seating provides the convenience to dine at your leisure.

When opting for open seating on Norwegian Cruises, you can choose to sit at any available table in the Main Dining Room. This gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with different fellow passengers each night. It adds a social element to your dining experience, as you may be seated with new people and engage in interesting conversations.

This ensures that there will be a table available for you when you arrive at the Main Dining Room.

Pros and Cons of Open Seating on a Cruise

  • Pros
    • Flexible dining options
    • Opportunity to meet new people
    • Avoids assigned seating conflicts
    • Freedom to choose dining time
  • Cons
    • Potential for longer wait times
    • Limited privacy
    • Less personalized service
    • No guaranteed table for large groups

It isn’t uncommon for guests on a cruise to engage in shared dining experiences, where they might be seated with other individuals or groups during meal times. However, it’s also possible to have a table exclusively for your own traveling party. The flexibility of dining options on modern cruise ships ensures that guests have the freedom to choose their preferred dining arrangements.

Do You Sit With Other People on a Cruise?

Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the top cruise lines known for it’s diverse dining options and flexibility. When it comes to seating arrangements, Norwegian Cruises offers a unique concept called “Freestyle Dining.”. This means that guests have the freedom to dine whenever and wherever they want, without being tied to a specific dining time or table.

With Freestyle Dining, guests aren’t assigned a specific table for the duration of the cruise. Instead, they’ve the option to choose from a variety of dining venues, ranging from casual buffets to upscale specialty restaurants. This offers a great deal of flexibility, as you can decide whether you want to dine alone, with your travel companions, or even join other guests if you wish.

If you prefer a more intimate dining experience or want to enjoy a meal with your traveling party exclusively, you can request a private table. The staff on board will do their best to accommodate your request, but it’s subject to availability. Keep in mind that during peak dining times, it might be more challenging to secure a private table, so it’s advisable to plan ahead or be flexible with your dining time.

This flexibility is one of the many reasons why Norwegian Cruises appeal to a wide range of travelers who value individual choices and preferences when it comes to dining on a cruise ship.

Recommended Dining Venues and Dishes to Try on Norwegian Cruise Line.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line – Specialty Dining Options
  • Teppanyaki – Enjoy an interactive and entertaining meal at the Japanese hibachi-style restaurant.
  • Cagney’s Steakhouse – Indulge in mouthwatering, perfectly cooked steaks and seafood.
  • Moderno Churrascaria – Savor the flavors of Brazil with a variety of grilled meats served tableside.
  • La Cucina Italian Restaurant – Delight in homemade pasta, traditional Italian dishes, and fine wine.
  • Le Bistro French Restaurant – Experience French cuisine with modern flair in an intimate setting.
  • Ocean Blue – Treat yourself to fresh seafood and innovative dishes prepared by renowned chef Geoffrey Zakarian.
  • Food Republic – Explore an eclectic menu inspired by global street food, featuring a fusion of flavors.
  • Garden CafĂ© – Enjoy a casual buffet-style restaurant with a wide range of international cuisine.
  • Taste and Savor Main Dining Rooms – Relish in delicious menu options and elegant dining experiences.

Open bar on a cruise is an enticing concept that offers passengers the opportunity to enjoy complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout their voyage. By taking advantage of special promotions, cruiselines present guests with the chance to indulge in unlimited drinks, making their vacation experience even more enticing.

What Does Open Bar Mean on a Cruise?

Open bar on a cruise refers to the provision of free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to passengers. This can include cocktails, wines, beers, spirits, and soft drinks.

Cruiselines often run promotions that include an open bar as part of their package. These promotions are highly popular among passengers, as they can save a significant amount of money on their bar bills. It’s an excellent way for cruiselines to attract more customers and enhance the overall experience of their passengers.

They can try out various cocktails, sample different types of wines, and savor their preferred spirits without any additional charges. This can create a lively and social atmosphere onboard, as passengers gather at the bars to socialize and unwind.

It’s important to note that open bar doesn’t typically mean unlimited or all-you-can-drink. There may be some restrictions or limitations in place to prevent excessive consumption. For example, certain premium or high-end brands of liquor may not be included in the open bar package. Additionally, some cruiselines may have specific hours during which the open bar is available, while others may have a maximum number of drinks per day.

It adds to the overall enjoyment of the cruise experience and provides guests with a sense of value and indulgence. So if you come across a cruise promotion offering an open bar, it’s definitely worth considering as youll have the opportunity to relax and enjoy your favorite drink while sailing the seas.

When it comes to dining on cruise ships, many passengers wonder if they can secure a table for two. While some cruise lines allow travelers to request this arrangement, there’s no guarantee that it will be accommodated. The final decision on seating assignments is typically made by the dining coordinator closer to the sail date. However, if you find yourself unsatisfied with the assigned table time or type, it’s recommended to speak with the Maitre’D upon embarkation in the main dining room. They may be able to help resolve any seating concerns and ensure a more enjoyable dining experience for you.

Are There Tables for Two on Cruise Ships?

When it comes to dining on cruise ships, many guests wonder if they’ll be able to secure a table for two. While some cruise lines offer the option to “request” a table for two, it’s important to note that these requests aren’t always guaranteed. As the sail date approaches, the dining coordinator assigns seating based on availability and other factors.

If you’ve a preference for a table for two and aren’t assigned the desired table time or type, it’s advisable to take proactive action. One option is to visit the MaitreD upon embarkation in the main dining room. The MaitreD is in charge of overseeing the dining operations and can assist in resolving any seating concerns. They’ll work with you to accommodate your preferences and find a suitable solution.

Experience the ultimate indulgence on your cruise with a free unlimited open bar. Immerse yourself in a world of limitless possibilities as you enjoy a wide selection of soft drinks, beers, spirits, cocktails, and wines by the glass. Whether you prefer a refreshing soda, a flavorful beer, or a perfectly crafted cocktail, the possibilities are endless. With an open bar, you can savor every moment without worrying about the cost, as it includes beverages up to a value of $15 throughout your entire cruise. Get ready to raise your glass and embark on a truly unforgettable voyage where relaxation and enjoyment know no bounds.

What Does Free Unlimited Open Bar Mean on a Cruise?

One of the most enticing perks of cruising with Norwegian Cruises is their free unlimited open bar. But what exactly does this mean? When they say “unlimited,” they mean just that – you can enjoy as many drinks as you want throughout your entire cruise without any additional cost. This generous open bar includes a wide selection of beverages, ranging from soft drinks to beers, spirits, cocktails, and even wines.

When it comes to the types of alcoholic beverages included, youll have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you prefer a refreshing beer, a glass of wine, or a handcrafted cocktail, Norwegian Cruises has got you covered. The open bar also extends to bottled or draft beer up to $15, so you can indulge in your favorite brews without worrying about additional charges.

With the free unlimited open bar, you can savor a variety of flavors and top-shelf brands without any hesitation. So, whether youre a fan of a classic gin and tonic, a fruity daiquiri, or a sophisticated glass of champagne, you can order it with ease and without worrying about extra expenses.

This fantastic open bar deal is available throughout your entire cruise, giving you the freedom to enjoy drinks whenever and wherever you desire. Whether youre lounging by the pool, attending a show, exploring the onboard restaurants and bars, or just unwinding in your cabin, you can savor your favorite beverages without worrying about the bill.

This includes soft drinks, beers, spirits, cocktails, wines by the glass, and bottled or draft beer up to $15.


This refreshing approach allows passengers to truly embrace their vacation by dining whenever and wherever they please, whether it's with their friends or the opportunity to make new connections. With Norwegian Cruises, the choice is yours, ensuring a memorable and personalized cruising experience for every passenger.

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