Does Royal Caribbean Offer Adults-Only Cruises?

Royal Caribbean, known for it’s luxurious and exciting cruises, is a popular choice for individuals seeking a memorable vacation experience.

How Old Does a Child Have to Be to Cruise on Royal Caribbean?

Royal Caribbean has an age policy that determines the minimum age for children to cruise. According to their policy, babies must be at least 6 months old to sail on most Royal Caribbean cruises. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule. For Hawaii, select South America cruises, ocean crossings, and any sailing with three or more consecutive sea days, the minimum age is 12 months.

This age policy ensures that infants are developmentally ready to handle the unique environment of a cruise ship. It’s important to consider the safety and well-being of young children when planning a cruise vacation.

While Royal Caribbean doesn’t offer adults-only cruises as a specific category, they do provide various options and amenities that cater to adult passengers. These include adults-only pool areas, upscale dining venues, and entertainment offerings specifically designed for adults. Passengers looking for a more relaxed and adult-oriented atmosphere can choose from a range of cruise itineraries and onboard activities that focus on adult interests.

For passengers seeking a child-free environment, Royal Caribbeans Serenade of the Seas and Radiance of the Seas ships offer an adults-only solarium. This exclusive area provides a serene retreat where adults can relax and unwind without the presence of children. Additionally, Royal Caribbeans specialty restaurants and bars offer a sophisticated ambience, perfect for enjoying a quiet meal or a drink in an adults-only setting.

How Does Royal Caribbean Handle Childcare and Babysitting Services for Parents Who Want to Have Some Time Alone During the Cruise?

  • Royal Caribbean offers a variety of childcare and babysitting services for parents who desire some alone time during their cruise.
  • Parents can take advantage of the “Royal Babies & Tots Nursery” program, catered to infants and toddlers aged 6 months to 36 months.
  • The nursery provides trained staff who offer interactive playgroups, games, and activities.
  • “Adventure Ocean” is available for children aged 3 to 11, providing age-appropriate entertainment, crafts, science experiments, and more.
  • Tweens and teens aged 12 to 17 can join the “Teen Program,” featuring dedicated spaces, organized activities, sports, and parties.
  • For a minimal hourly fee, in-room babysitting services are available during specific hours, allowing parents to have time alone while their children are safely cared for.
  • Parents are encouraged to contact the Royal Caribbean Guest Services desk for further information and reservations regarding these childcare options.

Whether your little ones are seeking adventure or simply looking to have some fun, Royal Caribbean is the perfect cruise line for kids and teens. From morning till night, there are always exciting games, events, and activities happening all over the ship, ensuring that family bonding is an unforgettable experience.

Can Kids Go on Royal Caribbean Cruise?

One of the reasons why Royal Caribbean is such a popular choice for family vacations is because they offer a wide range of activities and experiences for children and teenagers. From the moment you step on board, youll find that there are countless options for entertainment and fun that will keep your kids happy and engaged throughout the entire cruise.

For younger children, Royal Caribbean has a dedicated nursery where trained staff members provide care and supervision. There are also interactive play areas and age-specific programming that cater to the needs and interests of different age groups. Kids can engage in arts and crafts, enjoy storytelling sessions, play games, and even participate in character parades.

In terms of evening entertainment, Royal Caribbean offers family-friendly shows and performances that are suitable for all ages. From Broadway-style musicals to ice skating performances, there’s always something exciting happening on board. Movie nights by the pool and themed parties are also regularly organized, allowing families to bond and enjoy quality time together.

These luxury cruise lines offer a sophisticated and adult-oriented experience, free from the bustling energy and noise of children. With their smaller, more intimate ships, they cater to discerning travelers seeking tranquility, elegant amenities, and a refined atmosphere. These ships provide the perfect setting for adults looking to unwind, indulge, and enjoy a peaceful voyage without the presence of young ones.

Are There Cruise Ships That Don’t Allow Children?

If you’re looking for a vacation without the presence of children, you’ll be pleased to know that there are indeed cruise ships that don’t allow children on board. These intimate ships cater to a sophisticated adult clientele, offering refinement, elegance, and tranquility. The high-end lines such as Silversea Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, SeaDream Yacht Club, and Regent Seven Seas Cruises, as well as the ultra-premium lines like Oceania Cruises, Windstar Cruises, Azamara, and Viking Ocean Cruises, are known for their adult-oriented experience.

These cruise lines create an atmosphere that’s perfect for adults seeking a peaceful and serene getaway. On board, you won’t find the hustle and bustle of childrens activities or the noise that often comes with a family-friendly cruise. Instead, you can expect a refined ambiance, elegant d├ęcor, and an abundance of sophisticated amenities.

The emphasis on adults allows these cruise lines to offer a more tailored and personalized experience. They often provide a higher crew to guest ratio, ensuring superb service and attention to detail. Gourmet dining options, enriching cultural experiences, and luxurious staterooms are just some of the features that set these cruises apart.

The ships of these lines are smaller and more intimate, allowing for a more exclusive experience. With fewer passengers, you can enjoy a quieter and more relaxed environment. Whether you choose to unwind by the pool, indulge in a spa treatment, or sip a cocktail at one of the chic lounges, you can do so without the interruption of childrens activities.

However, keep in mind that there may be other cruise lines that offer adults-only cruises on select sailings or have designated areas or itineraries geared towards adults. It’s always best to research and consult with a travel professional to find the perfect adult-oriented cruise for your vacation desires.

By creating an adults-only cruise experience, Virgin Voyages aims to offer a unique and unparalleled escape for those seeking relaxation, luxury, and uninterrupted indulgence. While we understand the joy children bring to life, we believe in providing a more tailored and grown-up atmosphere for our guests to fully immerse themselves in a world of serenity and sophistication. Embark on a journey crafted exclusively for adults, where peace and tranquility reign supreme, and create memories that are strictly for the grown-ups to cherish.

Why Does Virgin Cruises Not Allow Children?

Virgin Voyages, a cruise line launched by Richard Bransons Virgin Group, has made a deliberate decision to offer adults-only cruises. This choice stems from the belief that absence can make the heart grow fonder. While children undoubtedly bring joy to many peoples lives, Virgin Voyages has crafted a specific experience for adults, where they can fully immerse themselves in an environment tailored to their needs and desires.

The company understands that adults also crave fun, adventure, and a carefree environment to let loose and unwind. This allows passengers to embrace their playful side without having to worry about the needs or preferences of younger travelers.

The absence of children also provides an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. This serene setting allows guests to fully immerse themselves in their vacation experience, whether that involves lounging by the pool, indulging in spa treatments, or savoring gourmet dining options. Adults can fully recharge and rejuvenate, creating memories and forging connections in an environment designed specifically for them.

By focusing exclusively on adults, they can curate a specific ambiance and provide tailored services that cater to the preferences and desires of this particular demographic.

This deliberate choice emphasizes their commitment to providing an exceptional vacation experience for adults, free from the responsibilities and concerns associated with traveling with children.

Source: Adult Only Cruise Vacations | Virgin Voyages

When it comes to planning a cruise vacation, certain age restrictions can sometimes complicate travel arrangements. Many cruise lines have specific policies that require passengers under the age of 21 to share a room or an adjoining room with someone 21 years or older. This requirement ensures the presence of a responsible adult during the trip. However, it’s worth noting that the minimum age for being the “chaperone” can vary depending on the cruise line, sometimes ranging from 21 to 25 years old.

Can You Go on a Cruise at 18 With a 21 Year Old?

If you’re 18 years old and want to go on a cruise with a 21-year-old companion, you’ll generally be able to do so. Many cruise lines have a policy that requires travelers under the age of 21 to share a room or an adjoining room with someone who’s 21 years or older. This policy is in place to ensure the safety and well-being of younger passengers.

The specific age requirements for this “chaperone” may vary depending on the cruise line you choose. For example, on Holland America, the minimum age for a chaperone is even higher at 25 years old. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the policies of the specific cruise line you plan to travel with to avoid any surprises or inconveniences.

While this policy may require you to share a room with someone older, it also provides a measure of security and peace of mind for both you and your companion. It ensures that there’s someone responsible and mature in the room who can handle any unexpected situations that may arise during the journey.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that some cruise lines offer designated adults-only areas and activities onboard. These areas are typically restricted to passengers who’re 18 years or older, providing a more serene and relaxed ambiance for those seeking an adult-oriented experience.

Just make sure to review the policies beforehand to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.


In conclusion, it seems that Royal Caribbean doesn’t currently offer adults-only cruises as a specific category. However, they do provide various amenities and features that cater to adults, such as exclusive dining options, adults-only areas like The Solarium and the Vitality Spa, as well as adult-oriented activities and entertainment. Ultimately, whether or not Royal Caribbean is a suitable option for adults seeking a child-free environment may depend on individual preferences and expectations.

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