How Far Is Long Beach Airport From the Cruise Terminal?

Long Beach Airport, situated in the heart of Southern California, is a bustling transportation hub catering to both domestic and international travelers. But if you're envisioning a seamless journey from the airport to the renowned Long Beach Cruise Terminal, it's essential to understand the distance between these two popular destinations. This question is of utmost importance for travelers seeking a convenient and time-efficient route, particularly when embarking on a thrilling cruise adventure. In this article, we will delve into the specifics and explore the various transportation options available to ensure a smooth transition from Long Beach Airport to the coveted Cruise Terminal, allowing you to embark on your voyage without a hitch.

How Far Is Long Beach Airport From Princess Cruise Port?

The Long Beach Airport is conveniently located just a short 20-minute drive from the Princess Cruise Port. The distance between the two is just over 11 miles, which makes it a quick and easy transfer for cruise passengers. Whether you’re flying in to catch a cruise or are disembarking from a ship and heading to the airport, the commute is relatively short.

The airport and cruise terminal are connected by major roads and highways, making it a straightforward journey. You can choose to take a taxi or use rideshare services to get from the airport to the cruise port, or vice versa. The route is well-traveled and can be easily navigated by both drivers and navigation apps.

Being so close in proximity, it also allows for more flexibility in terms of timing for travelers. You don’t have to worry about allowing for a long journey between the airport and cruise terminal, as it’s relatively short. This can potentially reduce any stress related to getting to your destination on time and allow for a smoother travel experience overall.

With a short distance and well-connected roads, you can easily get to your cruise or catch your flight without much hassle.

Transportation Options Between Long Beach Airport and Princess Cruise Port

  • Taxi: Taxis are readily available at Long Beach Airport. The ride to Princess Cruise Port takes about 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • Shuttle Service: Several shuttle companies operate between the airport and the cruise port. They offer convenient and affordable transportation options.
  • Rideshare: Services like Uber and Lyft are also available at Long Beach Airport. Simply request a ride through their mobile apps.
  • Public Transportation: Long Beach Transit provides bus service from the airport to various destinations. You can check their website for schedules and routes.
  • Private Car Service: If you prefer a more luxurious option, private car services can be arranged in advance. This ensures a comfortable and stress-free journey.

When traveling to Long Beach, there are several airports to consider, including Long Beach (LGB), Los Angeles (LAX), Santa Ana (SNA), Burbank (BUR), and San Diego (SAN). The nearest airport, Long Beach (LGB), is just 4.4 miles away, providing convenient access to the city. But how long does it take to reach Long Beach from these airports? Let’s find out.

Is Sna or Lax Closer to Long Beach?

Long Beach Airport (LGB) is the closest airport to Long Beach, located just 4.4 miles away from the citys downtown area. This airport serves as a convenient gateway for visitors traveling to or from Long Beach. In comparison, other nearby airports include Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) which is situated 17.6 miles away, Santa Ana John Wayne Airport (SNA) at a distance of 19.9 miles, Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR) located 31.3 miles away, and San Diego International Airport (SAN) at a distance of 92.2 miles.

When it comes to traveling from the airport to Long Beach, the duration of the journey can vary depending on factors such as traffic conditions and the mode of transportation chosen. This short distance makes it a convenient choice for travelers looking to reach their destination in a timely manner.

Rental car services, taxis, shuttles, and rideshare services are available at the airport, providing flexible choices for passengers to reach their desired location in Long Beach.

By utilizing the efficient transportation options, travelers can swiftly make their way from Long Beach Airport to the citys renowned cruise terminal. Whether it’s the charisma of the RMS Queen Mary or the vibrant coastal atmosphere, the cruise terminal is a popular starting point for exploring the beauty of Long Beach.

Cost Comparison of Transportation Options From Long Beach Airport to Downtown Long Beach

  • Taxi
  • Rideshare (Uber/Lyft)
  • Shuttle service
  • Public transportation (bus/train)
  • Car rental

Source: The best airport to fly into if you’re going to Long Beach, CA …

The distance between Long Beach and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is approximately 17.11 miles. By car, it takes about 32 minutes to travel between the two locations, following the I-405 route.

How Far Apart Is LAX and Long Beach Airport?

The distance between Long Beach Airport and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is approximately 17.11 miles when traveling in a northwest direction. By car, the distance is about 23 miles or 37.01 kilometers, taking the I-405 route.

It’s important to note that traffic conditions and other factors might affect the estimated travel time, so it’s always a good idea to allow some additional time for unforeseen delays.

However, if you’re specifically asking about the distance between LAX and the cruise terminal in Long Beach, the actual distance might vary depending on your starting and ending locations within the airport and the cruise terminal. Generally, it takes around 30 minutes to reach the cruise terminal from LAX by car. This allows for a smooth transition for travelers who’re embarking on a cruise from the Long Beach Terminal after arriving at LAX.

It’s always recommended to check traffic conditions and plan your journey accordingly to ensure a smooth and timely transfer.

Comparison of Travel Times Between Taxis, Rideshare Services, and Rental Cars for Traveling Between LAX and Long Beach Airport

  • Taxi travel times between LAX and Long Beach Airport
  • Rideshare service travel times between LAX and Long Beach Airport
  • Rental car travel times between LAX and Long Beach Airport

When traveling from Long Beach Airport to Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Cruise Lines, located at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal, the average trip using Uber is approximately 12 miles away.

How Far Is Long Beach Airport From Cruise Ships?

If youre flying into Long Beach Airport and need to get to the cruise terminal, youre in luck! The distance between Long Beach Airport and the cruise terminal is quite manageable. On average, the trip should take you around 12 miles using Uber.

The Long Beach Cruise Terminal is a popular hub for cruise ship departures and arrivals. It’s well-equipped to handle passengers boarding and leaving water vessels, such as ferries, cruise ships, and ocean liners. The terminal provides a seamless experience for travelers, ensuring their journey begins or ends smoothly.

When it comes to Carnival Cruise Lines, the convenience factor is taken up a notch. Carnival is one of the largest cruise ship operators in the world, with an impressive fleet of 24 vessels. They’re part of the American-British Carnival Corporation & plc, which dominates the cruise industry. In fact, Carnival Cruise Line holds a significant share of both revenue and passengers within the cruise industry.

Carnival Cruise Lines offers an array of exciting destinations and on-board activities to keep passengers entertained throughout their trip. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to embark on a memorable cruise experience!


This information is vital for individuals planning their travel arrangements and determining the most efficient mode of transportation. Understanding the proximity of the two locations allows passengers to make informed decisions and ensure a smooth and stress-free journey. Whether opting for a taxi or shuttle service, the approximately 6-mile distance offers a quick and accessible route for those embarking on a cruise adventure.

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