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When embarking on a Royal Caribbean cruise, one of the essential items to have is a cruise tag. This small yet crucial identifier serves as a means of efficiently organizing and managing thousands of passengers as they embark and disembark the ship. While there may be variations in the design and style, a cruise tag on Royal Caribbean should ideally display the passenger's name, cabin number, ship name, and sailing date. The tag should be easily attachable to luggage and should have a professional and durable appearance. Additionally, it’s crucial for the cruise tag to be clearly visible, allowing staff members to quickly identify and sort the luggage efficiently.

What Size Is Royal Caribbean Luggage Tags?

The size of Royal Caribbean luggage tags is an important factor to consider when preparing for a cruise. The company understands the need for efficiency and has recently updated the dimensions of their tags in 2022.

The revised dimensions of the tags are 7.25 inches in height and 2.5 inches in length. This means that the tags have the perfect fit to securely hold your issued documents. The height ensures that the tags can easily be attached to your luggage without any hassle, while the length ensures that all the necessary information is clearly visible.

The size of the luggage tags also plays a role in ensuring efficient baggage handling during embarkation and disembarkation. With clear and visible tags, the crew members can quickly identify your luggage and deliver it to the correct location. This saves time and prevents any confusion or delays in locating your bags.

How to Properly Attach Royal Caribbean Luggage Tags.

When it comes to Royal Caribbean luggage tags, it’s important to attach them properly to ensure a smooth cruise experience. Start by printing the tags provided by the cruise line and filling out all the necessary information. The best way to attach the tags is to use a strong plastic tag holder or a clear luggage tag pouch.

Simply slide the tag into the holder or pouch, ensuring that the information is visible through the clear side. Then, loop the tag holder through the luggage handle or strap, securing it tightly. Make sure the tag is easily visible and won’t get torn or damaged during transit.

Properly attaching your Royal Caribbean luggage tags will help the cruise staff identify and deliver your bags efficiently. It’s an essential step to ensure a hassle-free embarkation process and start your vacation on the right foot.

Cruise luggage tags are typically colour-coded for easy identification by the cruise line, making it important to have the correct colours on your labels. However, for certain cruise lines like NCL, Carnival, and Princess Cruises, black and white luggage tags are acceptable. These cruise lines allow passengers to print off their tags in black and white without affecting the delivery of their luggage to their cabins.

Can Cruise Luggage Tags Be in Black and White?

When it comes to cruise luggage tags, the color-coding system plays a crucial role in seamless delivery to your cabin. However, for certain cruise lines like NCL, Carnival, and Princess Cruises, it’s acceptable to print off black and white tags.

This is done to facilitate the smooth transfer and delivery of luggage to the appropriate cabins. So, it’s advisable to check with the specific cruise line you’re traveling with to ensure compliance with their tagging guidelines.

The Importance of Color-Coding in the Cruise Industry

Color-coding plays a vital role in the cruise industry. It helps ensure smooth operations and enhances the overall guest experience. In particular, cruise tags, which are attached to luggage, are color-coded to indicate various important factors. These factors include embarkation and disembarkation points, cabin locations, and special guest privileges. By using color-coded tags, cruise lines can streamline processes such as luggage handling, boarding, and navigation around the ship. Ultimately, color-coding simplifies logistics and contributes to the efficient and enjoyable travel experience provided by cruise companies like Royal Caribbean.

Source: Do luggage tags have to be printed in color?

Yes, Royal Caribbean luggage tags are indeed color-coded. According to information provided on the RCCL website, embarkation tags are specifically color-coded based on the ship. Therefore, it can be deduced that the Enchantment of the Seas’ luggage tags are designated with the color gold.

Are Royal Caribbean Luggage Tags Color Coded?

When it comes to Royal Caribbean luggage tags, many passengers wonder if they’re color coded. Browsing through the RCCL website, you may come across information indicating that all embarkation tags will be color coded according to the specific ship in question. Taking the Enchantment of the Seas as an example, you might find that the luggage tags assigned for this ship are gold in color.

Color coding the luggage tags by ship serves as an effective way to streamline the embarkation process. By assigning a specific color to each ship, the crew can easily identify which bags belong to which vessel, ensuring smooth and efficient luggage handling. The gold tags associated with the Enchantment of the Seas can be easily spotted among the sea of suitcases, saving time and minimizing confusion for both passengers and crew members.

Moreover, these color-coded luggage tags not only aid in organization but also contribute to a heightened sense of exclusivity and brand identity.

The Enchantment of the Seas, for instance, typically employs gold tags. This color coding system serves the dual purpose of aiding in efficient luggage handling and enhancing the overall luxury and exclusivity that Royal Caribbean is known for.


It should possess a sturdy build to withstand the rigors of travel, ensuring that it remains intact and readable throughout the entire journey. Additionally, incorporating useful features such as a secure attachment mechanism and/or RFID technology can enhance the overall functionality and efficiency of the tag.

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