How to Cruise With Children Norwegian: Expert Tips and Advice

Cruising with children can be an exciting and memorable experience for the entire family. And when it comes to family-friendly cruise lines, Norwegian Cruise Line is at the forefront, offering a myriad of amenities and activities to keep your little ones entertained throughout the journey. But with so many options and possibilities, planning a cruise with children can be overwhelming. That's why we've gathered expert tips and advice to help you navigate through the process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both kids and parents. So whether you're a first-time cruiser or a seasoned veteran, read on to discover everything you need to know about how to cruise with children on Norwegian Cruise Line.

Are Norwegian Cruises Child Friendly?

Norwegian Cruise Line is known for being one of the most child-friendly cruise lines in the world. With a wide range of activities and amenities specifically designed for younger children, families are sure to have a memorable and enjoyable experience onboard. With a focus on fun and adventure, Norwegian Cruise Line ensures that there’s never a dull moment for the little ones.

One of the highlights of cruising with children on Norwegian is the Splash Academy. This kids club, available on all Norwegian cruise ships, caters to kids between the ages of 5 to It offers a variety of engaging and age-appropriate activities led by experienced, well-trained staff. From arts and crafts to sports and games, children have the opportunity to make new friends and create lasting memories.

From dedicated pool areas to water slides and sports courts, there’s something for kids of all ages and interests. Parents can relax and enjoy their vacation knowing that their children are well taken care of and entertained.

What Are Some Specific Activities and Amenities Available for Children on Norwegian Cruise Line?

Norwegian Cruise Line has a plethora of activities and amenities specifically designed for children. Their complimentary youth programs, Splash Academy and Entourage, cater to different age groups from toddlers to teens. Kids can enjoy age-appropriate activities such as arts and crafts, sports tournaments, video games, themed parties, and even circus workshops.

For the little ones, there are dedicated play areas like the Guppies Nursery where parents can drop off their babies for supervised care. Meanwhile, older kids can have a blast at the Aqua Park, which features thrilling water slides, splash zones, and a dedicated pool.

Additionally, Norwegian Cruise Line offers family-friendly entertainment options, including live shows, movies, and game shows for all ages. Families can also engage in fun-filled activities like mini-golf, bowling, rock climbing, and even cooking classes together.

With such a wide range of activities and amenities available, Norwegian Cruise Line ensures that children of all ages have a memorable and enjoyable experience onboard.

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) occasionally provides an enticing offer for families, allowing kids to sail for free. As part of their Free at Sea promotion, NCL includes a “friends and family sail free” deal, which means that children as third and fourth passengers in a cabin can enjoy their cruise without any additional fare charges.

Do Kids Sail Free Norwegian?

When it comes to cruising with children, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) offers a great deal that families can take advantage of. With their “friends and family sail free” deal, parents can bring their children along without having to pay the cruise fare for them.

This promotion is part of NCLs Free at Sea pick-your-perk promotion, where passengers can choose from a variety of perks to enhance their cruise experience. One of the perks included is the option for third and fourth passengers, usually children, to sail for free. This means that parents can enjoy their vacation without worrying about the additional cost of their kids fares.

Whether youre looking to explore the Caribbean, Alaska, or Europe, NCL has a variety of options available.

Tips for Planning a Family Cruise Vacation With NCL

  • Research different itineraries and destinations offered by NCL
  • Consider the length of the cruise and choose one that suits your family’s schedule
  • Look for family-friendly amenities and activities on board, such as water parks, kids’ clubs, and entertainment options
  • Check if NCL offers special deals or promotions for family cruises
  • Plan your budget and consider additional expenses such as shore excursions and gratuities
  • Pack essentials like sunscreen, swimwear, and comfortable clothing
  • Research the ports of call and plan your activities ahead of time
  • Ensure you’ve all the necessary travel documents, including passports and any required visas
  • Book any necessary transportation to and from the cruise port
  • Consider purchasing travel insurance to protect your investment
  • Communicate any special dietary or medical needs to NCL ahead of time
  • Prepare your kids for the cruise experience and discuss safety rules on board
  • Arrive at the embarkation port a day early to avoid last-minute travel stress
  • Relax, have fun, and make lasting memories with your family!

Kids sail free is a limited time promotional offer that’s been made available by various cruise lines for a number of years. The exact age range and qualifications may vary slightly depending on the cruise line and specific promotion. However, in general, kids sail free is applicable for children who’re 12 years old or younger. This enticing offer is a great way for families to enjoy a cruise vacation without breaking the bank.

How Old Is Kids Sail Free?

Planning a cruise vacation with your children can be an exciting and memorable experience. And when it comes to cruising with Norwegian Cruise Line, they’ve a special promotion that can make it even more enticing – kids sail free! This limited-time offer allows children 12 years old or younger to receive a free cruise fare, making it a fantastic opportunity to explore the world with your little ones without breaking the bank.

To qualify for the kids sail free promotion, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, it’s crucial to book your cruise during the promotional period, as this offer is only valid for a limited time. Additionally, the offer is subject to availability, so it’s best to secure your reservation early to ensure that you can take advantage of this fantastic deal.

As mentioned earlier, children 12 years old or younger qualify for this offer. This means that if youre traveling with a young family, you can save a significant amount of money by taking advantage of this promotion.

Thats why they’ve developed an array of onboard activities and amenities specifically geared towards children of all ages. From dedicated childrens clubs and pools to themed parties and entertainment, theres never a dull moment for the little ones. To make the most of your cruise, be sure to check out the different age-specific programs available and plan accordingly.

Tips for Booking a Cruise During the Kids Sail Free Promotion: This Topic Could Provide Advice on How to Find the Best Deals and Secure Reservations During the Limited-Time Offer.

When booking a cruise during the kids sail free promotion, it’s important to be proactive and plan ahead to secure the best deals and make reservations. Here are some expert tips to help you navigate this limited-time offer:

1. Research and compare: Start your search early and compare different cruise lines, itineraries, and ships to find the one that suits your family’s preferences.

2. Be flexible with travel dates: The availability of the kids sail free promotion might vary depending on the time of year. Consider being flexible with your travel dates to increase your chances of finding the best deals.

3. Sign up for alerts: Subscribe to newsletters and email alerts from cruise lines to stay informed about promotions and special offers. This way, you’ll be among the first to know when the kids sail free promotion is available.

4. Book in advance: As the kids sail free promotion tends to be popular, it’s recommended to book your cruise as soon as the promotion becomes available. This way, you can secure your reservations before the limited-time offer fills up.

5. Consult with a travel agent: If you feel overwhelmed or uncertain about the booking process, consider consulting with a travel agent who specializes in cruises. They can provide expert advice and assistance in securing the best deals during the kids sail free promotion.

Remember, it’s important to read and understand the terms and conditions of the promotion before making any reservations. By following these tips, you can maximize your chances of finding great deals and enjoy a cruise vacation with your children without breaking the bank.

When it comes to closed-loop cruises, US citizens, including children under 16, can enjoy a cruise vacation without a passport. Instead, they can provide original, notarized, or certified copies of their birth certificates as proof of their citizenship. This allows families to embark on exciting maritime adventures without the need for additional documentation.

Can My Child Go on a Cruise Without a Passport?

When it comes to cruising with children on Norwegian Cruise Line, it’s important to know what documents are required for travel. One common question parents often ask is whether their child can go on a cruise without a passport. The answer is yes, but with some conditions.

For closed-loop cruises, which are round-trip cruises that depart and return to the same U.S. port, all U.S. citizens, including children, can enter or leave the country with only proof of their citizenship. This means that children under 16 years old can provide original, notarized, or certified copies of their birth certificates as a form of identification.

It’s important to note that the birth certificate must be the original or a certified copy, and not a photocopy or digital image. The certificate should include the childs full name, date of birth, and both parents names. If the child is traveling with only one parent, additional documentation, such as a notarized letter of consent from the non-accompanying parent, may be required.

While a passport isn’t required for closed-loop cruises, it’s highly recommended. A passport is an internationally recognized form of identification and can streamline the travel process. It also allows for easier re-entry into the United States in case of an emergency or unexpected itinerary changes.

This applies to cruises that visit foreign ports or have a one-way itinerary. It’s best to check with the cruise line and the Department of State for the most up-to-date passport requirements for minors.

Always check the latest requirements with the cruise line and the Department of State prior to your trip to ensure you’ve the necessary documentation for a smooth and hassle-free vacation.

What Are the Benefits of Obtaining a Passport for a Child Going on a Cruise?

  • Facilitates identification and keeps the child safe during the cruise
  • Allows for easy clearance at customs and immigration checkpoints
  • Enables the child to travel internationally without restrictions
  • Provides access to emergency consular assistance if needed
  • Ensures compliance with cruise line requirements
  • Allows for hassle-free re-entry into the country of origin
  • Allows the child to fully participate in onshore excursions
  • Enables the child to establish their travel identity from an early age
  • Equips the child with a valid form of identification for future travels

Source: Do Kids Need Passports For Cruises?

When planning a cruise vacation, some travelers prefer to avoid crowds of children and opt for a more serene and adult-oriented experience. There are several strategies to achieve this, including traveling off-season, choosing smaller ships, booking longer and more exotic itineraries, opting for upscale cruise lines, and finding ways to sequester yourself from areas where children are likely to be. By employing these tactics, you can enjoy a child-free cruise that suits your preferences and provides a peaceful atmosphere.

How Do I Avoid My Child on a Cruise?

When planning a cruise, it’s essential to consider the atmosphere on board. If youre seeking a child-free experience, there are several strategies you can employ to avoid cruises with an overwhelming number of children. Firstly, consider traveling off-season. Opting for a cruise during non-peak times can significantly reduce the number of families on board. Not only will this provide a more serene environment, but it will also allow you to enjoy the ships amenities without the hustle and bustle of children.

Another option is to choose smaller ships. These vessels tend to attract a different demographic, including fewer families with young children. By selecting a small ship, you increase the likelihood of a tranquil and child-free atmosphere. Additionally, booking longer, more exotic itineraries can help you avoid hoards of children.

Remember, it’s always important to research the cruise line and ship you choose before booking. Read reviews and gather information to ensure that the atmosphere aligns with your preferences. With careful planning and consideration, you can enjoy a peaceful and child-free cruise experience that caters to your preferences and desires.

Tips for Finding and Booking Adults-Only Cruises

When it comes to finding and booking adults-only cruises, there are a few key tips to keep in mind. First, research cruise lines that specialize in adult-focused experiences. Norwegian Cruise Line offers several options for adults-only cruises, such as their popular “The Haven” concept. Look for cruises that have a minimum age requirement for passengers to ensure that everyone on board is 18 or older. Additionally, consider the itinerary and destination of the cruise, as some locations may naturally attract a more mature crowd. Finally, rely on travel agents or specialized websites that cater to adults-only cruises to ensure you find the best options and deals for your trip.

Although cruise ships are designed with various safety measures in place, accidents involving children falling overboard can still occur. It’s important to acknowledge that such incidents are relatively infrequent, yet the potential risks for young children, especially those who venture near railings, can’t be ignored. Despite the confined nature of cruise ships, they encompass vast spaces that house potential dangers for unsupervised children.

Do Kids Fall Overboard on Cruise Ships?

When it comes to cruising with children, safety is always a top priority. One concern that many parents have is the risk of kids falling overboard on cruise ships. While this is a rare occurrence, it does happen occasionally, and it’s important to be aware of the risks and take necessary precautions.

It’s important to establish clear meeting points and guidelines for children to follow, so that they know what to do if they become separated from their parents. Many cruise lines also offer wristbands or IDs for children, which can be helpful in identifying them in case of an emergency.

By taking these precautions, parents can enjoy a worry-free cruise vacation with their children and create lasting memories together.


With a variety of family-friendly activities, dedicated youth programs, and amenities tailored to children's needs, Norwegian ensures that every member of the family has a fantastic time. From water parks and thrilling water slides to engaging youth clubs and interactive shows, Norwegian has thoughtfully designed it’s ships to cater to the interests and preferences of children of all ages. By following these expert tips and advice, parents can make the most out of their cruise experience with Norwegian, creating lasting memories that will be cherished by the entire family. So embark on an incredible adventure, relax and enjoy all that Norwegian has to offer while cruising with your children.

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