Is Royal Caribbean Cruises Pepsi or Coke? Unveiling the Beverage Selection on Board

Royal Caribbean Cruises has always been known for it’s commitment to providing top-notch amenities and unparalleled experiences to it’s guests. One aspect of this commitment that often goes unnoticed is the beverage selection on board. When it comes to the age-old debate of "Pepsi or Coke," Royal Caribbean has firmly taken a stance. Unlike many other cruise lines that opt for Pepsi products, Royal Caribbean proudly serves Coca-Cola drinks throughout it’s fleet. This partnership with the popular soda brand extends beyond the bars and restaurants on board; guests who opt for a beverage package can enjoy unlimited access to Coke's unique Freestyle fountain machines, conveniently located in various spots throughout select Royal Caribbean ships. With this impressive beverage selection, Royal Caribbean undoubtedly aims to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of it’s guests, ensuring that every cruiser can find their favorite drink on board. So, whether you prefer a classic Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, or want to try any of the exciting flavors available on the Freestyle machines, Royal Caribbean Cruises has got you covered.

What Type of Soda Does Royal Caribbean Serve?

When it comes to the beverage selection on board Royal Caribbean cruises, passengers are in for a treat. Royal Caribbean is proud to offer a wide variety of soda options for their guests to enjoy throughout their trip.

The availability of a range of Coca-Cola products on board Royal Caribbean ships is a result of a partnership between the cruise line and the iconic soda brand.

Whether passengers prefer classic Coke, a caffeine-free option like Sprite Zero, or a refreshing Fanta, Royal Caribbean has got them covered. With so many choices available, guests can easily find the perfect soda to enjoy alongside their meals, at the pool, or during any of the ships various activities.

Additionally, Royal Caribbean recognizes that hydration is important, which is why they also offer bottled water options like Dasani. This ensures that passengers can stay refreshed and quench their thirst throughout their cruise, whether they’re on board or exploring a port of call.

From Coke and Sprite to Diet Coke and Fanta, passengers can choose from a range of flavors to satisfy their cravings.

The Availability of Specialty or Limited Edition Coca-Cola Products on Board

  • The Coca-Cola Freestyle machine offering a variety of flavors
  • Exclusive Coca-Cola merchandise, including collector’s items
  • Specialty Coca-Cola beverages, such as regional or international flavors
  • Limited edition Coca-Cola packaging
  • Coca-Cola collaborations with other brands or artists
  • Rare Coca-Cola collectibles or memorabilia
  • Customizable Coca-Cola products, like personalized bottles
  • Unique Coca-Cola promotions or giveaways
  • Access to Coca-Cola products not typically available in retail stores
  • Coca-Cola-themed experiences or events on board

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In addition to offering a wide variety of other beverage options, Carnival Cruise Line made a significant change in 2020 by switching from serving Coke products to exclusively serving Pepsi products onboard it’s ships. This means that Pepsi fans can rejoice, as Carnival is now the only major cruise line that offers their favorite soda brand, including popular options like Mountain Dew and Gatorade.

Does Carnival Only Have Pepsi?

Great news for Pepsi fans: While Norwegian and other lines have switched away from Pepsi, Carnival Cruise Line switched from Coke to Pepsi in 2020, and it remains the only major cruise line to offer the soda brand, which includes beloved favorites like Mountain Dew and Gatorade. This decision was met with excitement by Pepsi enthusiasts who now have the opportunity to enjoy their preferred beverages while cruising on Carnivals ships.

Royal Caribbean, for example, has opted for Coca-Cola beverages. This means that those who’ve a predilection for Coke products will find satisfaction aboard Royal Caribbeans ships. However, it’s important to remember that beverage selections can and do change over time, so it’s always best to check with the cruise line directly for the most up-to-date information.

Cruise lines are constantly striving to provide an exceptional experience for their guests, and that includes their beverage offerings. Recognizing the wide variety of personal preferences, they often enter partnerships and make decisions based on popular demand. Whether it’s Coke or Pepsi, these cruise lines aim to ensure that guests have access to their favorite sodas and beverages while enjoying their time at sea.

The Availability of Non-Alcoholic and Specialty Beverages on Cruise Ships.

  • Wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages
  • Specialty coffee and tea options
  • Fruit juices and smoothies
  • Mocktails and virgin cocktails
  • Iced teas and lemonades
  • Soda and soft drinks
  • Bottled water and flavored water
  • Energy drinks and sports beverages
  • Herbal infusions and detox drinks
  • Custom beverage options for dietary restrictions
  • Refreshing non-alcoholic drink packages available
  • Various onboard bars and lounges serving non-alcoholic options
  • Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages in dining venues
  • Non-alcoholic beverages served at poolside bars

Royal Caribbean offers various drink packages that include unlimited soda options for guests. In addition to purchasing individual cans of soda, guests can opt for package benefits which provide them with limitless access to their favorite carbonated beverages. However, it’s important to note that soda isn’t free on a Royal Caribbean cruise and comes at an additional cost.

Can I Buy Soda on a Cruise Without a Package Royal Caribbean?

No, soda isn’t free on a Royal Caribbean cruise. While it’s possible to buy sodas individually by the can, it’s worth noting that this can be quite expensive compared to purchasing a drink package.

If you choose not to purchase a drink package, you can expect to pay around $3.25 per can of soda before gratuity. This cost can add up over the course of your cruise if you consume sodas regularly. It’s advisable to carefully consider your soda consumption habits and weigh the cost against the benefits of purchasing a drink package.

Royal Caribbean offers a variety of drink packages that include unlimited soda options. While the upfront cost may seem high, having the freedom to order as many sodas as you want without worrying about the price can be a significant benefit.

This ensures that guests have a choice and can enjoy their preferred brand of soda. Whether you’re a Pepsi or Coke advocate, you can rest assured knowing that both options will be available during your cruise.

While soda isn’t free, investing in a drink package can provide you with unlimited access to your favorite drinks, including both Pepsi and Coke options.

Now, let’s dive into the variety of soft drinks you can find on Disney Cruise Line ships.

Does Disney Cruise Have Coke or Pepsi?

When it comes to beverage selections on board Disney Cruise Line (DCL) ships, guests can expect an exclusive partnership with the Coca-Cola company. Just like the Disney theme parks, DCL only serves soft drinks that belong to the Coca-Cola family. This means that all the soda options available on the ships are branded under the Coke umbrella. So, if youre a fan of Coca-Cola products, youre in luck!

The selection of soft drinks on DCL ships encompasses a variety of Coca-Cola products to suit different tastes and preferences. You can find classics like Coca-Cola, Diet Coca-Cola, and Sprite, as well as other popular options like Fanta and Barqs Root Beer. If you prefer non-carbonated options, DCL also offers Powerade and Minute Maid juices. So, whether youre in the mood for a refreshing cola, a fruity soda, or a thirst-quenching sports drink, you can find it on board.

So, even if youre a die-hard Pepsi fan, youll still have a wide range of Coca-Cola products to choose from during your Disney cruise. Whether youre at one of the onboard restaurants, lounges, or even the self-serve drink stations, you can count on Coca-Cola products being readily available and conveniently accessible.

For those who’ve specific dietary needs or preferences, DCL also offers a range of non-alcoholic specialty beverages. These include non-dairy milk options like soy, almond, and rice milk, as well as herbal teas, hot chocolate, and specialty coffees. So, whether youre lactose intolerant, vegan, or simply looking for a caffeine fix, DCL has you covered with a diverse selection of beverages to cater to every guests needs.

What Are the Pricing Options for Beverages on Disney Cruise?

On a Disney Cruise, there are different pricing options for beverages. One option is to purchase a beverage package, which allows you unlimited access to a variety of drinks throughout your trip. This package typically includes soft drinks, juices, and water. Another option is to pay for drinks individually. Alcoholic beverages, specialty coffees, and smoothies are among the offerings available for individual purchase. It’s important to note that prices for beverages can vary, so it’s a good idea to check the current rates before your cruise.

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In their quest to provide more options for their guests to Choose Fun, Carnival Corporation & plc, a leading cruise operator, made the decision to switch to PepsiCo as their beverage provider. After a thorough evaluation, it was determined that PepsiCo offers a wider range of beverage choices, including many popular brands.

Why Did Carnival Switch to Pepsi?

One of the reasons why Carnival Corporation & plc made the decision to switch to Pepsi was to provide their guests with a wider variety of beverage choices. PepsiCo is known for it’s extensive portfolio of leading popular beverage brands, which made them an attractive choice for Carnival.

The careful evaluation process conducted by Carnival Corporation & plc also likely took into account the quality and availability of PepsiCos products. PepsiCo is known for it’s commitment to producing high-quality beverages, and their products are widely available worldwide. This means that guests can enjoy their favorite PepsiCo beverages even when they’re on board Carnival cruises, ensuring a consistent experience throughout their vacation.

Carnival Corporation & plc recognized PepsiCos market strength, reputation, and commitment to innovation, making them a suitable partner for this endeavor.

The Impact of the Switch on Carnival’s Bottom Line: Analyze the Financial Implications of Carnival Switching to Pepsi, Including Any Potential Increase in Revenue or Cost Savings.

The switch from one major beverage brand to another can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line, and this holds true for Carnival as well. Analyzing the financial implications of Carnival switching to Pepsi involves considering various factors such as revenue increase and cost savings.

One potential area of financial benefit for Carnival is the possibility of increased revenue. Pepsi, being a widely recognized and popular brand, may attract more customers who prefer Pepsi products over the previously offered beverages. This can result in higher sales and ultimately contribute to an overall increase in revenue.

Moreover, through negotiations or possibly lower costs associated with switching to Pepsi, Carnival may achieve cost savings. These can arise from factors including potential discounts or better deals offered by Pepsi as part of the partnership agreement. Cost savings can positively impact the company’s finances and potentially offset any expenses related to the switch.

It’s important to note that the financial implications of the switch may not be solely limited to revenue increase or cost savings. Other factors, such as marketing expenses, investments in rebranding, and potential customer reactions, should also be considered when analyzing the overall impact on Carnival’s bottom line.


This partnership solidifies Royal Caribbean's commitment to providing a diverse and enjoyable beverage selection to their guests, enhancing the overall cruising experience.

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