Is Wine and Beer Included With Avalon River Cruises?

Avalon River Cruises offers an unparalleled experience of luxury and relaxation on the water, with the added bonus of complimentary wine and beer included in their package. This delightful perk ensures that guests can indulge in a refreshing beverage of their choice while taking in the breathtaking views of the riverbanks. Whether enjoying a leisurely lunch or savoring a delectable dinner, patrons can expect to be treated to the finest selection of wines and beers to complement their meal. Additionally, the mornings are greeted with a touch of elegance as sparkling wine accompanies the breakfast spread. Furthermore, Avalon River Cruises understands the importance of a hearty toast, and they don’t disappoint by providing welcome and farewell cocktails complete with sparkling wine and mouthwatering canapés. With such exceptional inclusions, the journey aboard Avalon River Cruises promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, camaraderie, and an endless flow of delightful libations.

Can You Take Alcohol on Avalon Cruise?

Avalon Waterways, known for it’s luxurious river cruises, indeed offers a policy that allows passengers to bring their own alcohol on board. This means you can bring your own wine for consumption during your trip. However, it’s important to note that Avalon does impose a corkage fee if you choose to enjoy your wine in the ships restaurants and lounges.

The corkage fee is a charge that covers the storage, opening, and serving of the wine you bring. This fee is typically applied per bottle and can vary depending on the specific cruise and ship you’re on. It’s always a good idea to check with Avalon Waterways directly or consult their website to obtain the most up-to-date information regarding the corkage fee.

Avalon’s Policy on Bringing Other Types of Alcohol on Board (Besides Wine)

  • All guests are limited to bringing only wine on board the Avalon cruise ship.
  • No other types of alcohol are permitted to be brought on board.
  • This policy applies to all guests, regardless of their status or accommodations.
  • The ship’s staff and crew are trained to enforce this policy and ensure compliance.
  • In case any unauthorized alcohol is found during the embarkation process, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the cruise.
  • Avalon offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, spirits, and other types of drinks, for purchase on board.
  • Please note that this policy is subject to change, so it’s advisable to double-check with Avalon or your travel agent before your cruise.

The aim is to create a relaxed and convivial atmosphere onboard, where guests can enjoy a drink in the evening without the need for formal packages or excessive partying. Instead, Avalon focuses on providing a range of beverages to suit different tastes, allowing travelers to unwind and savor their surroundings while enjoying a refreshment of their choice.

Does Avalon Offer Drink Packages?

Avalon River Cruises understands that guests may want to unwind with a drink in the evening after a day of exploring. While they don’t offer drink packages or promote excessive drinking, they do provide a selection of wines, beers, and soft drinks during dinner. This allows guests to enjoy a refreshing beverage while indulging in the culinary delights served on board.

The onboard ambiance is designed to provide a relaxed and convivial atmosphere where guests can socialize and enjoy each others company. The well-stocked bar ensures a variety of drink options are available to suit every taste. Whether you prefer a glass of fine wine, a refreshing beer, or a non-alcoholic alternative, theres something for everyone to enjoy.

The absence of all-inclusive drink packages allows guests the flexibility to choose and pay for their preferred beverages separately. This way, you can control your own consumption and tailor your experience to your personal preferences. The friendly and attentive bar staff are always on hand to offer suggestions, recommend pairings, and ensure you’ve everything you need to fully relax and unwind during your cruise.


Complimentary glasses of wine, beer, and soft drinks can be enjoyed alongside lunch and dinner, creating a delightful and relaxed atmosphere onboard. And let’s not forget the special moments of camaraderie and celebration, as welcome and farewell cocktails are served with sparkling wine and delectable canapés. All in all, Avalon River Cruises ensures that guests are treated to a truly memorable and inclusive voyage, leaving no doubt that the spirit of revelry is alive and well among fellow travelers.

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