Sharing Cabins on River Cruises: Do You Have To? Find Out Now!

Sharing Cabins on River Cruises: Do You Have To? Find Out Now! Many travelers wonder if they’ll be required to share cabins with strangers or if there are options available for solo travelers. The good news is that a handful of river cruise lines do cater to solo travelers by offering single cabins. These single cabins provide a private space for those who prefer to travel alone and are perfect for those who value their privacy. So, if you're planning a river cruise and want to know if you can have your own cabin, the answer is yes! Now let's delve into some of the river cruise lines that offer single cabins and discover the benefits of having your own private space while enjoying the pleasures of a river cruise.

Do You Have to Share a Cabin on a Cruise?

When it comes to cruising, the idea of sharing a cabin with a stranger can be a concern for many travelers. However, the good news is that you won’t be forced to share a cabin on a cruise. Cruise lines typically offer a variety of cabin options, including single occupancy cabins, for solo travelers who prefer their own space.

That being said, it’s important to note that most standard cabins on river cruises are designed to accommodate a minimum of two people. If you choose to cruise by yourself and opt for a standard cabin, you’ll likely have to pay a single supplement fee to offset the cost of the unoccupied space. This fee can vary depending on the cruise line and the specific cabin you choose, but it’s important to budget for this additional expense.

These cabins are typically smaller in size but offer all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. They may come at a higher price point compared to sharing a cabin, but they provide the convenience and privacy that solo travelers often prioritize.

If youre open to the idea of sharing a cabin, many river cruise lines offer the option of finding a roommate through a roommate-matching program. This can be a great way to reduce costs and potentially make new friends while on your cruise. However, keep in mind that this option may not always be available or suitable for everyone, so it’s important to consider your personal preferences and comfort level.

Types of Cabins Available on Cruises (Such as Interior, Oceanview, Balcony, Suite) and Their Differences in Price and Amenities

When it comes to river cruises, there are various types of cabins available to suit different preferences and budgets.

An interior cabin is typically the most affordable option and is located on the inside of the ship, without any windows or views of the outside.

An oceanview cabin, as the name suggests, offers a window or porthole that allows passengers to enjoy views of the river as they cruise along.

For those seeking a bit more luxury, a balcony cabin provides a private outdoor space, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy the scenic views from their own balcony.

Suites are the most spacious and extravagant cabins on a river cruise. They often include a separate seating area, larger balconies, and additional amenities like butler service.

As expected, the prices of these cabins vary accordingly, with interior cabins being the most budget-friendly and suites being the most expensive option.

Ultimately, the choice of cabin depends on personal preferences, desired amenities, and budgetary considerations. Whether you opt for a basic interior cabin or splurge on a luxurious suite, rest assured that river cruises can offer a wonderful experience for everyone.

On a river cruise, the itineraries are typically more organized, leaving little time for spontaneous independent shore excursions. Unlike ocean cruises, where you’ve the freedom to explore ports at your leisure, river cruises are more structured in nature. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t venture out on your own for a leisurely stroll or visit a local museum during the limited time at a small town port.

Do You Have to Go on Excursions on a River Cruise?

When it comes to river cruises, one common question that often arises is whether or not you’ve to go on excursions. Unlike ocean cruises, river cruises tend to be more structured in nature. This means that the ships may only tie up in a small town for a few hours, giving you limited time to arrange an independent shore excursion, especially during the day. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ve to go on every organized excursion that’s offered.

It’s important to note, however, that some river cruises may include certain excursions as part of the overall package, meaning that the cost of these excursions is already included in your fare. In such cases, it might be worth considering joining the included excursions to make the most of what youve already paid for. Additionally, some excursions might offer unique experiences or access to sites that may not be easily accessible by independent means.

Whether you prefer to explore on your own or join a guided tour, the choice is yours.

Pros and Cons of Joining Organized Excursions on a River Cruise

  • Pros:
    • Opportunity to visit multiple destinations without the hassle of planning and coordinating transportation.
    • Experienced guides provide valuable insights and historical information about each location.
    • Inclusive packages often cover meals, accommodation, and entrance fees to attractions.
    • Socialize and make new friends with other like-minded travelers.
    • Less stress as everything is taken care of, allowing you to relax and enjoy the trip.
  • Cons:
    • Less flexibility and freedom in choosing your own activities and travel schedule.
    • May be limited in time spent at each destination, restricting the depth of exploration.
    • Large group sizes can be overwhelming and result in less personalized experiences.
    • Additional costs may arise from optional activities or services not included in the package.
    • Some excursions may not cater to specific interests or preferences.

Solo cruising is becoming increasingly popular for those seeking adventure and exploration. With the opportunity to visit intriguing destinations and meet fellow travelers, going on a cruise alone can be an exhilarating experience. Rather than waiting for a travel companion, embarking on a solo cruise allows you to seize the opportunity to see the world on your terms.

Can One Person Go on a Cruise Alone?

A solo cruise is an excellent vacation choice if youre looking to experience exciting destinations around the world and make new friends along the way. Many cruise lines offer cabins specifically designed for solo travelers, allowing you to have your own private space while still being able to socialize with other passengers on the ship.

One of the great things about solo cruising is the flexibility it offers. You can explore ports of call at your own pace, without having to worry about coordinating schedules and preferences with a travel partner. You can take part in shore excursions, visit local attractions, or simply relax on the ship without any pressure or constraints.

Cruise ships are often filled with solo travelers just like you, looking to connect with others and share their experiences.

It allows you to explore new destinations, meet new people, and embrace the freedom and independence that comes with traveling alone. So if youre considering going on a cruise by yourself, don’t hesitate. Pack your bags, set sail, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

Benefits of Solo Cruising for Introverts

  • Enjoying solitude and peace
  • Freedom to create your own schedule
  • Opportunity for self-reflection and introspection
  • No pressure to socialize or engage in small talk
  • Getting to know yourself better
  • Indulging in personal hobbies and interests
  • Exploring new destinations at your own pace
  • Learning to be comfortable in your own company
  • Having uninterrupted reading or writing time
  • Avoiding potential conflicts or group dynamics


So, if the idea of sharing a cabin with a stranger doesn't appeal to you, don't worry – there are options available where you can enjoy your own private space. Whether you choose to share or not, the important thing is to find a river cruise that suits your preferences and allows you to have a memorable and enjoyable experience on the waterways.

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