The Beds Used by Norwegian Cruise – Everything You Need to Know

At Norwegian, we understand the importance of providing our guests with exceptional comfort and relaxation, even when they’re miles away from our luxurious ships. That's why we’ve created the Bliss Bed Collection by Norwegian, a range of high-quality mattresses, pillows, and pillow tops that will transport you to a state of pure bliss as soon as you lay down. Crafted in Italy from the finest materials and utilizing advanced technology, our beds are designed to provide you with the perfect balance of support and softness, ensuring a restful night's sleep for every traveler.

What Size Mattress Do Cruise Ships Have?

The size of the beds used on Norwegian Cruise Line ships varies depending on the type of cabin. In most cases, cruise ship cabins feature two twin-sized beds, which can be pushed together to form a larger bed if desired. These beds are typically 36 inches wide and 80 inches long, offering a comfortable sleeping space for guests.

However, some cabins may offer a single bed that’s larger in size. These beds can range from double-sized (54 inches wide) to queen-sized (60 inches wide) or even king-sized (76 inches wide). These larger beds are usually found in suite accommodations, providing an extra level of comfort and luxury for guests.

It’s important to note that the availability of larger bed sizes may vary depending on the ship and cabin category.

From soft to firm pillows, plush duvets, and premium linens, the cruise line aims to provide a cozy and relaxing environment for a good nights sleep.

Whether you prefer twin beds or a larger, more spacious option, you can expect a comfortable and restful sleep experience on their ships.

Types of Cabins Available on Cruise Ships

When it comes to cruise ship accommodations, there are several types of cabins available to choose from. Some common types include:

1. Inside cabins: These are the most affordable options and are located in the interior of the ship, with no windows or natural light.

2. Oceanview cabins: As the name suggests, these cabins offer a window or porthole, allowing guests to enjoy views of the ocean.

3. Balcony cabins: These cabins come with a private balcony, providing a space to relax and enjoy the scenic views.

4. Suite cabins: Suites are larger and more luxurious, often featuring separate living and sleeping areas, along with additional perks and amenities.

Each cabin type has it’s own price range and amenities, so it’s important to consider your preferences and budget when selecting the right cabin for your cruise experience.

Cruise lines go above and beyond to ensure that their beds provide the utmost comfort to their passengers. From the use of high-quality cotton or cotton-blend sheets to carefully selected pillows and duvets, these beds are designed to cater to individual preferences. Additionally, custom mattresses are often employed to maximize comfort and support for a restful night’s sleep.

Why Are Cruise Beds So Comfortable?

One of the main reasons why cruise beds are so comfortable is because cruise lines prioritize the quality of their bedding materials. They understand that passengers have varying tastes when it comes to mattress firmness and bed linen type. Therefore, they put in a lot of effort to ensure that the beds are as comfortable as possible for all passengers.

When it comes to the bedding materials, cruise lines often use high-quality cotton or cotton-blend sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers. This choice of fabric provides a soft and luxurious feel against the skin. The sheets are typically smooth and breathable, allowing for a comfortable sleep experience.

These mattresses are designed to provide optimal comfort and support, taking into consideration different body types and sleep preferences. They’re made with high-quality materials and are often medium-firm, catering to a wide range of passengers.

The Role of Mattress Toppers in Enhancing Comfort on Cruise Beds

  • Provide an additional layer of cushioning on cruise beds
  • Offer increased comfort and support for a more restful sleep
  • Help alleviate pressure points by distributing body weight evenly
  • Can add a plush or firm feel to the mattress based on personal preference
  • Improve the overall quality of sleep while onboard a cruise ship
  • Enhance the durability and lifespan of the mattress by acting as a protective layer
  • Prevent the transfer of motion between sleeping partners for undisturbed rest
  • Provide temperature regulation with breathable and cooling materials
  • Easy to install and remove, allowing for convenient maintenance
  • Available in various materials and thicknesses to cater to individual needs
  • Can be used to modify the feel of a mattress that may be too firm or too soft

Source: The most comfortable beds

An upper Pullman bed is a convenient solution for maximizing space in a cruise ship cabin. It offers an additional sleeping option by utilizing the vertical space of the room. This cleverly designed top bunk bed can be pulled down from the ceiling or folded out from the wall, allowing passengers to comfortably accommodate extra guests or family members during their cruise. While primarily intended for children, adults can also use the upper Pullman bed as long as they meet the weight restrictions set by the cruise line.

What Is an Upper Pullman Bed on a Cruise?

When it comes to accommodations on a Norwegian Cruise, it’s essential to understand the various bed options available. One popular choice is the upper Pullman bed, which offers a unique sleeping arrangement for guests. Essentially, an upper Pullman bed is a top bunk that can be pulled down from the ceiling or comes out of the wall in a cruise ship cabin.

Typically, these beds are designed with children in mind, providing a fun and exciting sleeping experience. However, they can also be used by adults, as long as they meet the weight requirements set by the cruise line. It’s important to note that while upper Pullman beds are convenient and space-saving, they may not be as spacious or comfortable as traditional beds.

This unique sleeping arrangement allows for a more efficient use of the room and ensures everyone has a comfortable place to sleep. Parents can sleep in the larger bed while their kids enjoy the adventure of sleeping in an elevated bunk.

It offers a unique sleeping experience and maximizes the use of cabin space. Whether youre an adult or a child, as long as you meet the weight requirements, this innovative bed option is worth considering for your vacation at sea.

Weight Requirements for Upper Pullman Beds on Cruise Ships

Weight requirements for upper Pullman beds on cruise ships vary depending on the specific cruise line and ship. These beds are designed to accommodate one adult or two children, and there are typically weight limits in place for safety reasons.

While the specific weight limits can vary, it’s common for upper Pullman beds to have a maximum weight capacity of around 250-300 pounds. This is to ensure that the bed can safely support the weight of the person(s) sleeping on it.

If you’re planning to use an upper Pullman bed during your cruise, it’s recommended to check with the cruise line beforehand to confirm the weight requirements for that particular ship. This will ensure that you’re aware of any limitations and can make appropriate arrangements if needed.

The Upper Lower bed option on Carnival Cruise offers travelers a compact yet affordable choice for their accommodation. These cozy Interior Upper/Lower staterooms feature a single twin bed and provide an additional pull-out or sofa bed to accommodate a second guest. Designed to comfortably house a maximum of two guests, these rooms are an ideal choice for those seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising on comfort.

What Does Upper Lower Bed Mean on Carnival Cruise?

An Interior Upper/Lower stateroom (category 1A) on a Carnival Cruise refers to one of the smallest rooms available that can house more than one guest. These rooms are designed to accommodate a maximum of two guests and feature a single twin bed for the first guest. However, the arrangement varies as the room can include either a Pullman bed or a sofa bed to accommodate the second guest.

The term “Upper/Lower” in this context indicates that the sleeping arrangements are divided vertically within the room. The first guest would typically sleep in the upper berth, which is positioned higher above the floor or the main bed. The second guest would utilize the lower berth, which can be a Pullman bed that folds down from the wall or a sofa bed that can be converted for sleeping.

While an Interior Upper/Lower stateroom may not offer as much space as other cabin categories, it still provides a comfortable sleeping arrangement for two guests. These rooms are often preferred by solo travelers or those on a budget who don’t mind sharing a small space. They can also be a suitable option for families with small children, as the Pullman bed or sofa bed offers an additional sleeping area.

Although these rooms may not be as spacious as other accommodations on the ship, they still provide all the necessary amenities and ensure a comfortable stay for guests. Other amenities, such as a private bathroom, storage space for personal belongings, and climate control, are also included in these staterooms. While the focus may be on offering a cozy sleeping arrangement, passengers also have access to various onboard activities and facilities throughout their cruise journey.

Pros and Cons of Sharing a Cabin on a Cruise Ship

Sharing a cabin on a cruise ship can have it’s pros and cons. One of the main advantages is cost savings, as sharing a cabin typically reduces the overall price per person. It can be a great option for budget-conscious travelers or those looking to maximize their travel experiences.

Another advantage is the opportunity to bond and connect with your travel companion. Sharing a cabin allows you to spend quality time together, whether it’s exploring the ship, dining, or enjoying the onboard activities. It can be a great way to strengthen relationships and create lasting memories.

However, there are also potential drawbacks to sharing a cabin. Privacy can be compromised, as space is limited and you’ll be in close quarters with your cabin mate. It’s important to consider your compatibility with the person you’ll be sharing with, as different habits or preferences might lead to conflicts or discomfort.

Furthermore, storage space may be limited in a shared cabin, which can make it challenging to store your belongings. Organization and communication with your cabin mate become crucial in order to maintain a comfortable living environment.

In conclusion, sharing a cabin on a cruise ship comes with it’s benefits and drawbacks. It offers cost savings, a chance to bond with your companion, but also requires consideration of privacy and storage limitations. Ultimately, it’s important to weigh these factors and decide if sharing a cabin aligns with your preferences and travel goals.


In conclusion, Norwegian Cruise Line takes great pride in providing their guests with the ultimate sleep experience while on board, and now they’ve made it possible to bring that experience home with the Bliss Bed Collection. Whether it's the mattresses, pillows, or pillow tops, Norwegian has carefully curated this collection to create the perfect sleep environment.

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