What Are the Gratuites on the Royal Caribbean Cruises?

Royal Caribbean Cruises is one of the leading cruise lines in the world, offering an exceptional travel experience for vacationers of all ages. As you embark on your dream vacation with Royal Caribbean, it's important to familiarize yourself with the various aspects of the trip, including the gratuities. Gratuities, often referred to as tips or service charges, are an integral part of the cruising experience, ensuring that the hardworking staff members who go above and beyond to make your time on board enjoyable are properly recognized and rewarded.

What Is the Breakdown of Gratuities on Royal Caribbean?

When it comes to gratuities on Royal Caribbean cruises, the breakdown is determined by the type of accommodation the guest is staying in. For guests staying in Junior Suite accommodations or below, an automatic gratuity of $16.00 per day is added for each individual. This includes the cabin steward, dining room waiter, and assistant waiter.

This increased gratuity is applicable to those staying in more luxurious accommodations and includes the same service staff as mentioned before.

It’s important to note that these gratuity charges are automatically added to the guests onboard account on a daily basis and can be adjusted if desired. Guests have the option to modify or remove the gratuity charges at guest services if they wish to provide cash tips directly to the service staff instead.

It’s also worth mentioning that beverage purchases, such as drinks from the bar or specialty coffees, incur an automatic 18% gratuity charge. This is important to keep in mind when ordering beverages onboard.

Furthermore, it’s customary to tip additional amounts to individuals who provide exceptional service during the cruise. This can include staff members such as bartenders, spa therapists, and casino dealers.

How Does the Automatic Gratuity Breakdown Differ for Guests Staying in Suite Accommodations?

  • The automatic gratuity breakdown for guests staying in Suite accommodations differs in a few ways:
  • First, the gratuity percentage may be higher for Suite guests compared to guests staying in other accommodations.
  • This is because Suite accommodations often provide a higher level of service and amenities.
  • Secondly, the gratuity may be distributed differently among the staff.
  • For Suite guests, a portion of the gratuity may go to specific staff members who cater to Suite guests exclusively.
  • This could include a dedicated butler or concierge.
  • Lastly, the breakdown of the automatic gratuity may also include additional services or benefits that are exclusive to Suite guests.
  • This could include special turndown services, access to exclusive facilities, or personalized experiences.

One common question among cruise passengers is whether it’s better to prepay gratuities when booking a cruise with Royal Caribbean. By prepaying gratuities, you can eliminate the worry of daily gratuities being added to every purchase you make onboard. This means that your bill won’t accumulate higher charges with added gratuities, allowing you to truly relax during your cruise.

Is It Better to Pre Pay Gratuities on Royal Caribbean?

Is it better to prepay gratuities on Royal Caribbean? Many cruise passengers debate this question before embarking on their Royal Caribbean adventure. Prepaying gratuities while booking a cruise with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line does have it’s advantages. One major benefit is the ability to relax onboard, knowing that you don’t have to worry about the daily gratuities being added to every purchase you make.

By prepaying gratuities, your bill doesn’t go higher with the added gratuities onboard. This can provide a sense of financial control during your vacation, allowing you to enjoy your time without constantly calculating the extra expenses incurred through gratuities. Instead, you can focus on indulging in the various amenities and activities offered on the ship.

Without the need to worry about additional gratuities, you can embark on your vacation with a clear mind and simply enjoy the exceptional service provided by Royal Caribbean staff. This can enhance your overall cruise experience and ensure that you feel truly valued as a guest.

It’s important to consider factors such as your desired level of financial control, your ability to budget for additional expenses, and your willingness to express gratitude to the hardworking staff on board. By carefully weighing these factors, you can make an informed decision that suits your needs and ensures a gratifying cruise experience.

How Do Gratuities Work on Royal Caribbean?

Gratuities on Royal Caribbean cruises are a way to show appreciation for the exceptional service provided by the crew members. They’re automatically added to your onboard account on a daily basis, and the amount varies depending on the type of stateroom you have. It covers various staff members, including your room attendant, dining staff, and other behind-the-scenes crew who work hard to ensure your vacation is enjoyable. If you wish to modify or remove the gratuities, you can do so at the Guest Services desk during your cruise. However, it’s generally encouraged to reward the crew members for their outstanding service.

Guests on a Royal Caribbean cruise are able to remove gratuities at any point up to the final morning of their cruise, as long as they haven’t chosen to prepay. Prepaid gratuities can’t be removed once they’ve been settled, giving guests the freedom to decide whether or not to pay gratuities based on their experience.

Can You Refuse to Pay Gratuities on Royal Caribbean?

Guests on a Royal Caribbean cruise have the option to remove gratuities if they haven’t chosen to prepay them. This means that if you havent prepaid your gratuities, you can request their removal anytime before the final morning of your cruise. It’s important to note that once the gratuities have been settled and prepaid, they can’t be removed.

Gratuities, also known as service charges, are a fee that’s automatically added to your onboard account each day of your cruise. These charges go towards compensating the hardworking crew members who provide exceptional service during your vacation, including your dining room servers, cabin stewards, and other staff members.

If you choose to remove the gratuities, it’s important to understand the impact it’s on the crew members who rely on these fees for their income. The service charge is distributed among the staff members and plays a significant role in their salary. By removing the gratuities, you may negatively impact the livelihood of these dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to ensure your comfort and satisfaction throughout your cruise.

However, it’s important to consider the impact it may have on the crews livelihood and the understanding that these charges are intended as a recognition of their hard work and dedication.

The Average Amount of Gratuities Charged on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

The average amount of gratuities charged on a Royal Caribbean cruise varies, but it typically ranges from $14 to $18 per person, per day. These gratuities cover the services provided by the cruise staff, including dining room waiters, cabin stewards, and other onboard personnel. While these gratuities are automatically added to your onboard account, you’ve the option to adjust or remove them if you wish. It’s important to note that the exact gratuity amounts and policies can vary by ship and itinerary, so it’s always best to check with Royal Caribbean directly or review the specific details of your cruise booking.

When it comes to distributing gratuities on Royal Caribbean, the cruise line aims to streamline the process by collecting this money from all guests and distributing it evenly among the crew members. However, guests are still given the flexibility to decide when and how they want to pay these gratuities, including the option to tip any additional amount on top.

How Are Gratuities Distributed Royal Caribbean?

When it comes to gratuities on Royal Caribbean cruises, the cruise line has implemented a policy that aims to make tipping simpler and fairer for guests. Instead of leaving it up to individual guests to distribute tips among crew members, Royal Caribbean collects a set amount from all guests and automatically shares it among the hardworking staff. This takes the guesswork out of tipping and ensures that everyone onboard is fairly compensated for their exceptional service.

However, guests still have some decisions to make regarding gratuities. One choice is whether to pay the gratuities before or after the cruise. Many guests find it convenient to include the gratuities in their overall cruise payment, allowing them to have a more seamless experience onboard without having to worry about additional expenses. Others might prefer to settle the gratuities at the end of the cruise, giving them more flexibility in determining the final amount based on their satisfaction with the service received.

Additionally, guests also have the option to tip extra on top of the automatic gratuities. This allows guests to express their appreciation for outstanding service or to reward specific crew members who went above and beyond to make their cruise experience truly exceptional. Whether it’s a favorite bartender, a courteous room steward, or a knowledgeable waiter at a specialty restaurant, guests have the freedom to recognize and reward exceptional service with an additional tip.

How Does Royal Caribbean Determine the Amount of Automatic Gratuities Collected From Guests?

Royal Caribbean determines the amount of automatic gratuities collected from guests based on their stateroom category and the length of the cruise. The gratuities are typically charged per person, per day of the cruise and are automatically added to the guest’s onboard account. This amount is then distributed among various crew members who provide exceptional service, such as stateroom attendants, dining room staff, and other relevant service personnel.


While it’s true that the gratuity fees vary depending on the cruise line, ship, and destination, they generally cover the exceptional services provided by the staff onboard. These gratuities encompass a range of individuals, including room attendants, dining staff, and other crew members who work tirelessly to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for guests. Although the exact amount can be a confusing aspect for some, it’s important to remember that these fees are generally predictable and provide a fair compensation for the hard-working staff.

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