What Cruise Boat Is the Ruby Princess? Unveiling the True Identity

Owned and operated by the esteemed Princess Cruises, this magnificent vessel has enchanted countless travelers with it’s unrivaled beauty and seamless fusion of modernity and sophistication. Embarking on it’s maiden voyage in 2008, the Ruby Princess was meticulously crafted by the skilled hands of Fincantieri in Trieste, Italy, sharing it’s lineage with illustrious sister ships such as the Crown Princess and Emerald Princess. As the autumn winds whispered their final farewells, the Ruby Princess was entrusted to Carnival Corporation and Princess Cruises, cementing it’s esteemed place amongst the floating marvels of the seven seas. Full of mystery and allure, the true identity of this enchanting cruise ship is finally unraveled, beckoning curious minds to delve into it’s captivating history and embark on a voyage filled with wonder and excitement.

How Many Pools Are on the Ruby Princess?

The Ruby Princess, a remarkable cruise boat that first set sail on November 8, 2008, is truly a sight to behold. With 19 impressive decks, this vessel offers a luxurious and unforgettable experience for it’s passengers. Among it’s numerous features, one of the most noteworthy is the presence of not just one, two, or even three pools, but a grand total of four pristine pools.

In addition to the four remarkable pools, the ship also boasts an impressive array of seven whirlpools. These delightful hot tubs provide the perfect respite after a long day of exploring the various ports of call or participating in the ships many exciting activities. Immerse yourself in the soothing warmth of the whirlpools and let your worries melt away as you relish in the ultimate relaxation.

A true gastronomic paradise, the ship features an astonishing variety of restaurants that cater to every culinary preference. From elegant fine dining establishments to casual eateries and specialty restaurants, guests will find themselves spoilt for choice when it comes to satisfying their taste buds.

The Spa and Wellness Facilities on the Ruby Princess

  • Aqua Therapy and Thermal Suites: Experience ultimate relaxation in the aqua therapy and thermal suites aboard the Ruby Princess. Indulge in a variety of therapeutic treatments, such as steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs.
  • Lotus Spa: Visit the Lotus Spa for a wide range of rejuvenating treatments, including massages, facials, and body scrubs. Let the skilled therapists pamper you as you relax in this serene oasis.
  • Fitness Center: Stay active and maintain your fitness routine while sailing on the Ruby Princess. The fitness center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art gym equipment, fitness classes, and personal trainers.
  • Beauty Salon: Get ready for a night of elegance with a visit to the onboard beauty salon. From hairstyling and makeup application to manicures and pedicures, the talented salon staff will have you looking your best.
  • Spa Cuisine: Treat yourself to a wholesome and nutritious meal at the spa cuisine restaurant. Indulge in delicious dishes that are specially prepared to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Private Cabanas: For the ultimate relaxation experience, reserve one of the private cabanas available on the Ruby Princess. These exclusive retreats offer privacy, comfortable seating, and dedicated service.
  • Pools and Jacuzzis: Take a refreshing dip in one of the pools or unwind in the invigorating jacuzzis scattered throughout the ship. Enjoy the beautiful views as you soak away your worries.
  • Wellness Seminars: Expand your knowledge and enhance your well-being with informative wellness seminars offered on the Ruby Princess. Learn about nutrition, stress management, and holistic health practices.
  • Medi-Spa Services: If you’re looking for more specialized treatments, the Ruby Princess also offers medi-spa services. From Botox to acupuncture, these procedures are performed by qualified medical professionals.

Ruby level on Princess Cruises is a prestigious status that can be attained by sailing on three Princess cruises. The company, which is part of Carnival Corporation & plc and headquartered in California, is one of the largest cruise lines in the world. Achieving Ruby status can be accelerated by booking as a single occupant or a full suite, earning double cruise credits in their loyalty program.

What Is Ruby Level on Princess?

Ruby level on Princess refers to a specific tier in their loyalty program, which is achieved after sailing on three Princess cruises. Princess Cruises is an American cruise line owned by Carnival Corporation & plc, with it’s headquarters in Santa Clarita, California. As of 2021, it’s the second largest cruise line by net revenue. The company is incorporated in Bermuda and offers a variety of cruise options to destinations all over the world.

Reaching Ruby status in the Princess loyalty program can be an exciting milestone for avid cruisers. It signifies that you’ve completed three Princess cruises and have earned certain perks and benefits. As a Ruby member, you can enjoy privileges such as priority embarkation and debarkation, preferential shore excursion reservations, access to the Lotus Spa thermal suite, and exclusive onboard events.

It’s worth noting that you may be able to reach Ruby level even sooner if you book as single occupancy or choose a full suite. These options earn you double cruise credits in the loyalty program, helping you achieve Ruby status faster. This can be a great incentive for those who love to travel alone or prefer the added luxury and space of a suite.

Princess Cruises prides itself on offering a unique and memorable cruising experience. With a variety of itineraries, onboard activities, and world-class amenities, they strive to create a vacation that caters to every travelers preferences.

The Ruby Princess underwent a significant refurbishment in 2018 to update various aspects of the ship and enhance the overall guest experience.

When Was the Ruby Princess Refurbished?

The Ruby Princess, a well-known cruise ship, underwent a significant refurbishment in early 2018, enhancing it’s overall appearance and amenities. The refurbishment aimed to provide passengers with a more modern and luxurious experience during their voyages. The ships interior underwent a complete transformation, with upgrades to the staterooms, restaurants, lounges, and public areas.

In terms of dining options, the refurbishment included the introduction of new specialty restaurants, offering passengers a wider range of culinary experiences. These revamped dining venues showcase various cuisines, from classic steakhouse dishes to gourmet Italian delicacies. Additionally, the buffet and main dining areas were upgraded to foster a more inviting and sophisticated ambiance.

The public areas of the ship weren’t overlooked during the refurbishment process. The lounges and bars were reimagined to create elegant spaces where passengers can relax and enjoy their surroundings. Guests can indulge in vibrant social gatherings, captivating live entertainment, or simply savor a refreshing cocktail while taking in breathtaking ocean views.

By offering a fresh and modern environment, as well as upgraded amenities, this cruise ship continues to provide exceptional voyages and unforgettable memories for it’s passengers.

Feedback and Reviews From Passengers Who Have Sailed on the Refurbished Ruby Princess

  • Amazing experience on the refurbished Ruby Princess
  • Highly recommended for anyone looking for a luxurious cruise
  • The ship’s transformation is stunning
  • The accommodations are top-notch and very comfortable
  • The staff is friendly and attentive to all of our needs
  • The food onboard is delicious and there are plenty of dining options
  • We loved the variety of entertainment and activities available
  • The amenities and facilities are impressive
  • We’d definitely sail on the Ruby Princess again

After facing a significant setback due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Ruby Princess cruise ship finally departed from Pier 27 in San Francisco. However, this voyage witnessed a reduced number of passengers, with 579 fewer individuals on board.

Where Does Ruby Princess Leave From in San Francisco?

The Ruby Princess cruise ship, renowned for it’s luxurious amenities and seamless sailing experience, recently embarked from the vibrant city of San Francisco. Departing from Pier 27, this majestic vessel bid adieu to exquisite shores and set forth on a remarkable journey. However, this departure was marked by a significant reduction in it’s passenger count, with 579 eager travelers missing from it’s splendid decks.

San Francisco, a city brimming with cultural diversity and stunning architecture, was the perfect starting point for the Ruby Princesss latest voyage. With it’s departure from Pier 27, situated in the heart of the city, passengers were immersed in a panoramic view of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the captivating cityscape. As the ship gently sailed away, leaving behind breathtaking scenery and memories that would last a lifetime, an air of excitement enveloped those fortunate enough to be aboard.

The decision to depart with 579 fewer passengers than anticipated was a result of unforeseen circumstances. Though the Ruby Princess had initially expected a full capacity sailing, a series of last-minute cancellations and reschedules led to the diminished passenger count. While the disappointment of those unable to embark on this extraordinary adventure was palpable, the remaining passengers were undeterred, eagerly anticipating the unparalleled experiences that awaited them on board.

The Amenities and Features of the Ruby Princess Cruise Ship

  • Multiple swimming pools and hot tubs
  • Fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Full-service spa and salon offering various treatments
  • Onboard casino with a wide range of games
  • Multiple specialty restaurants and bars
  • 24-hour room service
  • Various entertainment options, including live shows and performances
  • Dedicated kid’s club and activities for children of all ages
  • Lounges and bars offering a diverse selection of drinks
  • Shopping boutiques featuring designer brands and duty-free items
  • Outdoor movie theater for open-air screenings
  • Art gallery showcasing a collection of fine art
  • Library offering a wide range of books and peace for relaxation
  • Onboard internet cafĂ© with high-speed internet access
  • Various sports facilities, such as basketball and volleyball courts
  • Adult-only retreat area for relaxation and tranquility
  • Casual dining options, including buffet and poolside grills
  • Medical center with qualified staff available 24/7

The sister ship to the Sapphire Princess is the Diamond Princess, which also shares the distinction of being the widest subclass of Grand-class ships. Both ships were built in Japanese shipyards and have a beam of 37.5 meters, making them wider than other ships in the Grand-class fleet. Interestingly, the Diamond Princess and the Sapphire Princess actually swapped names during construction.

What Is the Sister Ship to the Sapphire Princess?

The sister ship to the Sapphire Princess is the Diamond Princess. Both ships belong to Princess Cruises, an American cruise line owned by Carnival Corporation & plc. Princess Cruises is incorporated in Bermuda and has it’s headquarters in Santa Clarita, California. As of 2021, it’s the second largest cruise line by net revenue.

The Sapphire Princess was built in Japan by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, making it the second Princess Cruises ship built in a Japanese shipyard. It’s only sister ship is the Diamond Princess, which was also built in Japan. Interestingly, the two ships actually swapped names during construction.

The Diamond Princess and the Sapphire Princess are part of the Grand-class ships subclass. They’ve a wider beam compared to other Grand-class ships, measuring at 37.5 meters (123 ft 0 in), while all other Grand-class ships have a beam of 36 meters (118 ft 1 in). This wider beam allows for more spacious and comfortable accommodations for passengers on board.

They both offer luxurious and enjoyable cruise experiences for passengers, while showcasing the impeccable craftsmanship of Japanese shipbuilding.

Comparison of the Sapphire Princess and Diamond Princess Features and Amenities

The Sapphire Princess and Diamond Princess are both luxurious cruise ships operated by Princess Cruises, offering a wide range of amenities and features for an unforgettable vacation.

The Sapphire Princess is known for it’s elegant design and a wide range of entertainment options. It features multiple pools and whirlpools, a spa, fitness center, and a variety of dining options including specialty restaurants and casual eateries. The ship also offers a theater for live performances, a casino, shopping boutiques, and various bars and lounges.

On the other hand, the Diamond Princess is equally impressive, boasting a sleek design and modern amenities. This ship offers spacious cabins, some with private balconies, and a choice of dining venues ranging from fine dining to casual options. Passengers can enjoy a variety of activities such as swimming in the pools, relaxing in the hot tubs, exercising in the fitness center, or indulging in treatments at the spa. The ship also features a theater, a casino, a library, and various bars and lounges.

Both ships offer a range of onboard activities and entertainment options to cater to different interests and preferences. Whether you choose the Sapphire Princess or the Diamond Princess, you can expect a luxurious and enjoyable cruising experience.

Ruby Princess offers a luxurious swimming experience with it’s impressive number of pools, whirlpools, and even a kids splash pool. With 4 pools, 7 whirlpools, and a dedicated area for children to splash around, there are plenty of opportunities to cool off and enjoy the water onboard. Whether you prefer a relaxing dip or a lively swim, Ruby Princess has something for everyone.

How Many Pools Are in Ruby Princess?

Ruby Princess, a magnificent cruise ship owned by Princess Cruises, offers an array of enticing swimming options for it’s passengers. With a total of four pools, seven whirlpools, and a dedicated kids splash pool, this ship ensures that there’s something for everyone seeking a refreshing dip.

Each pool on Ruby Princess is uniquely designed to cater to different preferences. Whether you prefer a lively atmosphere or a serene setting, you’re sure to find a pool that suits your mood. The ships main pool, located midship on the Lido Deck, provides a vibrant ambiance with live music, poolside movies, and a lively atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot to relax, soak up the sun, or take a refreshing swim.

For a more tranquil experience, you can head to the ships adult-only pool, known as The Sanctuary. Situated at the forward end of the ship, this secluded oasis offers a peaceful retreat with luxurious padded loungers, attentive service, and a serene atmosphere. It provides a perfect escape for those seeking a quiet and relaxing swim away from the bustling crowds.

In addition to these main pools, Ruby Princess also features two other pools: the Calypso Reef Pool and the Neptunes Reef Pool. The Calypso Reef Pool, located on the Lido Deck, offers a retractable roof, making it ideal for swimming regardless of the weather conditions. On the other hand, the Neptunes Reef Pool, situated at the aft of the ship, provides stunning ocean views and a more intimate swimming experience.

Finally, for the little ones onboard, Ruby Princess offers a dedicated kids splash pool. This pool is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for children, allowing them to splash around and have a great time while under the watchful eye of trained staff.

Description and Features of Each Pool on Ruby Princess

The Ruby Princess is a luxurious cruise ship that offers several pools for guests to enjoy during their voyage. The main pool area, located on the ship’s top deck, features a large freshwater pool where passengers can take a refreshing swim or relax on loungers by the water.

In addition to the main pool, the Ruby Princess also offers four whirlpool spas for guests to unwind and soak in. These spas provide a soothing experience with their warm, bubbling waters and are perfect for those looking to relax after a day of exploring the ship’s many amenities.

For a more tranquil and secluded pool experience, the Ruby Princess has a separate adults-only pool area called The Sanctuary. This serene oasis offers a private retreat for adults to enjoy a peaceful swim or simply unwind in a luxurious cabana or lounge chair.

For those traveling with children, the Ruby Princess also features a dedicated pool area for kids and teens. The Youth and Teen Centers offer pools specifically designed for younger guests, ensuring they’ve a safe and enjoyable swimming experience during their time aboard the ship.

Overall, the Ruby Princess offers a variety of pool options to cater to the different preferences of it’s passengers. Whether you’re looking for a lively pool scene, a relaxing spa experience, or a quiet retreat, this cruise ship has something for everyone.


With it’s impressive construction by Fincantieri in Trieste, Italy, it was carefully designed as a sister ship to the Crown Princess and Emerald Princess. Since it’s handover to Carnival Corporation and Princess Cruises in 2008, this magnificent vessel has been offering unforgettable experiences to passengers from all over the world. As a Crown-class ship, the Ruby Princess represents the epitome of luxury and comfort on the sea, cruising it’s guests to extraordinary destinations. Whether you’re an avid traveler seeking new adventures or simply looking for a relaxing and indulgent escape, the Ruby Princess promises to deliver an exceptional and unforgettable journey. So set sail and let this remarkable vessel take you on an enchanting voyage of a lifetime.

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