Where Do Viking River Cruises Dock in Lyon?

Lyon, a vibrant city situated in the heart of France, is undoubtedly a treasure trove of history, culture, and architecture. This captivating destination has long been a favored stop for river cruise enthusiasts, with it’s picturesque waterfront and renowned culinary scene. When it comes to docking locations, Viking River Cruises, an esteemed name in luxury river cruising, typically moors at the Quai Claude Bernard. This prime location offers guests convenient access to Lyon's remarkable attractions, such as the iconic Old Town, the magnificent Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, and the renowned Les Halles de Lyon-Paul Bocuse market. From here, Viking River Cruises passengers can embark on an unforgettable journey, exploring Lyon's rich heritage and savoring it’s culinary delights, all while enjoying the comfort and elegance of their floating sanctuary.

Does Lyon Have a Port?

Lyon, a picturesque city located in the east-central region of France, boasts the renowned Port Édouard-Herriot as it’s primary river cruise port. Nestled between Marseille and Paris City on the majestic Rhone River, Lyons port offers an idyllic setting for docking Viking River Cruises and exploring the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Spanning a vast area of 520 acres, this bustling port is a vital transportation hub for both commercial and leisure vessels.

Upon arrival at the Port Édouard-Herriot, Viking River Cruises can conveniently disembark passengers at Lyons waterfront, allowing them to quickly immerse themselves in the citys rich cultural heritage. From this strategic docking location, travelers can embark on various excursions, such as visiting Lyons enchanting Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for it’s stunning Renaissance architecture.

With it’s picturesque riverside promenades and bustling quays, Lyons port provides a scenic backdrop for vacationers looking to explore the citys historical landmarks, museums, and renowned gastronomy.

The Port Édouard-Herriot serves as an essential gateway to Lyons vibrant cultural scene. Visitors can wander through the citys lively neighborhoods, discover hidden traboules (passageways), and indulge in the culinary delights for which Lyon is internationally acclaimed. The close proximity of the port to Lyons city center makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the citys numerous attractions, including it’s majestic basilicas and charming squares.

From the port, travelers can effortlessly reach Lyons train stations, enabling them to embark on further adventures across France or explore Lyons surrounding regions, such as the famous Beaujolais wine region.

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Where Is Viking Cruises in the United States?

Viking Cruises in the United States offer an unparalleled experience along the great Mississippi River. Starting from the bayou in New Orleans and ending in the charming city of St. Paul, these river cruises allow passengers to explore the heartland of America in the most scenic and luxurious way possible. With Viking Rivers, there are countless sights and activities to enjoy throughout the journey.

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With docking points in New Orleans, Memphis, St. Louis, and St. Paul, these cruises allow passengers to explore some of the most fascinating cities and regions along this iconic waterway.

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Lyon, a city in eastern France, is blessed with two beautiful rivers that add to it’s unique charm. On one side, the affluent River Rhône gracefully flows, while on the other side, the River Saône mirrors this elegance. These two rivers, with their harmonious presence, make Lyon stand out among other cities.

What Are the Names of the Two Rivers in Lyon?

Lyon, one of the most charming cities in France, is positioned on a rare geographical spot where two major rivers meet. On one side lies the affluent River Rhône, while on the other side meanders the River Saône. The Saône, known as “Sona” in the local Arpitan language, is a significant river coursing through the eastern part of France. It’s majestic presence, accompanied by the powerful rush of the Rhône, makes Lyon unique in it’s geographical beauty.

The River Saône, marked by it’s serene and tranquil character, adds a touch of serenity to Lyons bustling ambiance. Flowing in a tit-for-tat motion with the Rhône, they create a harmonious haven where the two rivers converge. This natural phenomenon not only grants Lyon it’s breathtaking beauty but also provides an exceptional backdrop for river cruises.

When it comes to docking locations, Viking River Cruises in Lyon, like other operators, make use of strategically chosen spots along these rivers. This ensures that passengers can explore Lyons enchanting sites with ease. From the dock, guests can venture off to discover Lyons renowned landmarks such as the historic Vieux Lyon, the magnificent Notre-Dame de Fourvière Basilica, or the vibrant Presquîle district.

Lyons riverfront area brims with activity, as various river cruises dock here, allowing travelers to experience the citys charm and allure. The proximity to the city center also allows guests to indulge in the citys culinary delights, renowned for it’s gastronomic excellence.

Whether you choose to embark on a river cruise along the Rhône or the Saône, Lyons docking options provide an ideal starting point for exploring the city. The picturesque setting of the riverbanks, coupled with the vibrant atmosphere of Lyon, creates a captivating experience for travelers.

The Significance of Lyon as a Major River Junction

Lyon is a city of great historical and strategic importance, serving as a major river junction in France. It’s situated at the confluence of two important rivers, the Rhône and the Saône.

The Rhône River is one of the major waterways in Europe, flowing from the Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean Sea. Lyon’s location on the banks of the Rhône made it a vital trading hub and a gateway to the south.

In addition to the Rhône, Lyon is also connected to the Saône River, which flows from the Vosges Mountains to eventually join the Rhône. This connection enabled Lyon to have access to a network of inland waterways, facilitating transportation and trade across the region.

Due to it’s strategic location, Lyon has been a crucial center for commerce, industry, and transportation throughout history. The city’s river junction has played a pivotal role in the development and growth of Lyon as a major economic and cultural hub in France.

Today, the riverbanks of Lyon offer picturesque views and serve as important docking points for river cruises. Viking River Cruises, among other cruise companies, dock at various locations along the Rhône and Saône Rivers in Lyon, allowing passengers to explore the city and it’s surroundings while enjoying the scenic beauty of the river junction.

Lyon, the vibrant city nestled in the heart of France, boasts more than just it’s rich cultural heritage and gastronomic wonders. For those curious about it’s connectivity and logistic prowess, Lyon also houses it’s own bustling port. Handling millions of tons of goods annually, including hydrocarbons, this port serves as a vital link for trade between Lyon, northern Europe, the eastern regions of France, and the Mediterranean.

Does Lyon France Have a Port?

Lyon, France isn’t a coastal city, so it doesn’t have a traditional seaport. However, it does have a river port, known as the Port of Lyon, which is located along the banks of the Saône River. This port is an important hub for both commercial and passenger traffic.

The Port of Lyon plays a significant role in the transportation of goods, handling over 12 million tons of cargo annually. This includes the handling of 3 million tons of hydrocarbons, which are essential for industries and energy production. In addition to it’s cargo handling capabilities, the port has two container terminals that enable efficient transportation and distribution of goods.

While the primary focus of the Port of Lyon is on commercial activities, it also serves as a passenger port. This means that river cruises and other leisure vessels can dock here, providing tourists with easy access to Lyon. In particular, Viking River Cruises is one of the popular companies that use this port as a stop on their itineraries.

This port serves as a key transportation hub for commercial and passenger activities, handling millions of tonnes of cargo each year and providing access to major European markets. Today, it continues to play a crucial role in Lyons economic development and it’s status as a desirable destination for river cruises.

Located 35 km from the Lyon airport, Scenic River Cruise docks at Quai Claude Bernard in Lyon, providing a convenient access point to the enchanting city.

Where Does Scenic River Cruise Dock in Lyon?

Scenic River Cruises, one of the leading names in luxury river tourism, offers travelers the opportunity to explore Lyons picturesque waterways. But where exactly does Scenic River Cruise dock in Lyon? The answer lies at Quai Claude Bernard, a prime docking location situated just 35 km away from the bustling Lyon airport.

Upon arrival at Quai Claude Bernard, Scenic River Cruise passengers will find themselves immersed in Lyons unique blend of tradition and modernity. They can leisurely stroll along the riverbanks, taking in the sights of charming buildings, beautiful bridges, and vibrant markets. Quai Claude Bernard also provides easy access to Lyons famous landmarks like the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière and the iconic Old Town.

For those arriving at Lyon airport, reaching Quai Claude Bernard is a breeze. The docking location is conveniently located just a short distance away, making it a seamless transition from air to water travel. Whether you choose to take a taxi, shuttle, or private transfer, reaching Quai Claude Bernard from the airport is a quick and hassle-free journey.


So, embark on a Viking River Cruise and discover Lyon's treasures from the comfort and convenience of these carefully chosen dockings.

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