Where Is the Cruise Ship Terminal in Bayonne?

Bayonne, a picturesque city located in New Jersey, boasts a burgeoning cruise ship terminal that welcomes countless eager travelers seeking an unforgettable adventure upon the open seas. Nestled alongside the shimmering waters of the Hudson River, this hidden gem of a terminal provides an ideal departure point for embarkation on magnificent cruise voyages. So, lace up your metaphorical sea legs and get ready to discover the secrets of this enchanting terminal nestled in the heart of Bayonne.

Where Do Cruise Ship Leave From in New Jersey?

One major passenger cruise terminal in New Jersey is the Cape Liberty Cruise Port. It’s conveniently situated in Bayonne, New Jersey, just across the river from Manhattan. This terminal offers easy access to the vibrant city of New York and it’s numerous attractions.

Also part of the Port of New York and New Jersey, the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn. This terminal provides a unique and picturesque departure point for cruise passengers, with beautiful views of the New York City skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

Both the Cape Liberty Cruise Port and the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal offer a wide range of amenities and services for cruise passengers. These include parking facilities, luggage handling services, check-in counters, and boarding areas. The terminals also have shops, restaurants, and lounges for passengers to enjoy before their cruise departure.

With the Port of New York and New Jersey being one of the busiest and most prestigious ports in the world, it’s no wonder that it services the worlds largest cruise ships and millions of passengers each year. The port is conveniently located near major airports, making it easily accessible for passengers traveling from various parts of the country and around the world.

The Anthem of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship, is proud to offer year-round cruises departing from Bayonne, New Jersey. Offering a picturesque view of the majestic cityscape and it’s famous landmarks, this location provides a less congested alternative for travelers embarking on their oceanic adventures. Additionally, Celebrity cruise ships also set sail from this port, ensuring a diverse range of options for those seeking an unforgettable vacation experience.

What Cruise Ship Leaves Out of Bayonne New Jersey?

The cruise ship terminal in Bayonne, New Jersey serves as the departure point for several notable cruise lines. One of the prominent cruise ships that leaves from Bayonne NJ is the Anthem of the Seas, a masterpiece of Royal Caribbeans fleet. This magnificent vessel offers year-round cruises, allowing passengers to embark on exciting adventures from this scenic New Jersey location.

The Anthem of the Seas stands out not only for it’s size and elegance but also for the remarkable experiences it offers onboard. From thrilling activities like skydiving simulators and surf simulators to luxurious amenities such as spa treatments and world-class dining options, this cruise ship provides a comprehensive entertainment package for it’s passengers.

By departing from Bayonne, cruise-goers have the advantage of enjoying stunning views of the majestic New York City skyline and it’s iconic landmarks. This location grants a unique perspective, while still avoiding the hustle and bustle of busier ports. Moreover, Bayonnes cruise ship terminal boasts convenient transportation options, making it easily accessible for travelers coming from various parts of the region.

With the Anthem of the Seas and other magnificent vessels departing from this location, travelers have the opportunity to embark on unforgettable journeys while enjoying the beauty of the New York City skyline.

Port Facilities and Amenities in Bayonne Discuss the Features and Services Available at Bayonne’s Cruise Ship Terminal, Such as Parking, Check-in Process, and Embarkation/Disembarkation Procedures.

The cruise ship terminal in Bayonne offers a variety of port facilities and amenities to make your travel experience enjoyable. One of the key features is ample parking, allowing you to conveniently park your vehicle before boarding the ship. The check-in process at the terminal is efficient and streamlined, ensuring a smooth transition from land to sea. Upon arrival, you’ll go through the embarkation process, where you’ll check in your luggage and receive necessary information for your cruise. Similarly, when it’s time to disembark, the terminal provides organized procedures to ensure a smooth and efficient exit. Overall, Bayonne’s cruise ship terminal aims to provide a comfortable and hassle-free experience for passengers.

When it comes to parking at the Bayonne Cruise Terminal, travelers can expect to pay $30 per day for regular vehicles. However, those with oversized vehicles like RVs may need to budget double the amount as they might occupy two parking spots. Conveniently, the onsite parking facilities accept both cash and major credit cards as payment methods.

How Much Does It Cost to Park at the Bayonne Cruise Terminal?

The Bayonne Cruise Terminal offers convenient onsite parking options for cruise passengers. The cost to park at the terminal is $30 per day. However, for oversized vehicles such as RVs, which may require two parking spots, the fee is double the standard rate. This ensures that passengers with larger vehicles can easily find suitable parking spaces.

Cash is accepted as a form of payment, which allows passengers to easily pay for their parking upon arrival. Additionally, major credit cards are also accepted, providing passengers with alternative payment options.

Passengers can rest assured knowing that their vehicle will be safe during their cruise vacation. The terminals parking facilities are designed to accommodate a large number of vehicles, ensuring that there’s ample space for all passengers.

Oversized vehicles, such as RVs, may require double the standard rate due to the additional space they occupy. Payment methods include cash and major credit cards, giving passengers multiple options for settling their parking fees. With secure and well-maintained parking facilities, the terminal provides passengers with a reliable and convenient parking solution for their cruise vacations.

Valet Parking: Is Valet Parking Available at the Bayonne Cruise Terminal? What Are the Costs and Services Included With Valet Parking?

  • Yes, valet parking is available at the Bayonne Cruise Terminal.
  • The costs of valet parking vary depending on the duration of parking:
    • 1-4 days: $20 per day
    • 5-8 days: $18 per day
    • 9+ days: $16 per day
  • The services included with valet parking are:
    • 24/7 security surveillance
    • Convenient drop-off and pick-up at the terminal entrance
    • Assistance with luggage handling


By understanding it’s specific location and accessibility, passengers can effectively plan their arrival and departure, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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