Where Is the Princess Cruise Terminal in San Francisco?

The city of San Francisco, located in the beautiful state of California, is known for it’s iconic landmarks, vibrant culture, and stunning waterfront views. One of the highlights for cruise enthusiasts and tourists alike is the renowned Princess Cruise Terminal. Situated in close proximity to the bustling Fisherman's Wharf, this terminal serves as a gateway to unforgettable adventures and unforgettable memories. As you embark on your journey to discover the answer to the question "Where’s the Princess Cruise Terminal in San Francisco?", get ready to be captivated by the charm of this vibrant city and it’s welcoming maritime hub.

What Cruise Terminal Does Princess Use in San Francisco?

The Princess Cruise Line is a popular choice for those looking to embark on a luxurious and memorable vacation on the seas. And when it comes to the stunning city of San Francisco, the Princess Cruise Terminal is located at Pier 2This terminal is known for it’s state-of-the-art facilities and convenient location along the Embarcadero waterfront.

However, it’s important to note that on certain days when multiple ships are in port, the Princess Cruise Line may be assigned to berth at Pier 3This means that ships like the Star Princess, Sapphire Princess, and Sea Princess may also stop at Pier 35 throughout the year.

This prime location provides cruise passengers with easy access to many of the citys top attractions, including the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and Fishermans Wharf. The terminal itself boasts modern amenities and services, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable embarkation and disembarkation process for passengers.

The port of San Francisco is a vibrant and bustling area, offering a plethora of activities and sights for visitors to explore. From the bustling Fishermans Wharf with it’s famous seafood eateries to the lively Union Square, there’s something for everyone in this enchanting city. Additionally, San Francisco is known for it’s unique neighborhoods, such as Chinatown and the Mission District, which offer a glimpse into the citys cultural diversity.

Regardless of which terminal is used, cruisers can expect a fantastic experience in the stunning city of San Francisco. From the convenience of the Embarcadero waterfront to the endless sights and attractions, this destination is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who visit.

The Princess cruise port in San Francisco is conveniently located near two airports: San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Oakland International Airport (OAK). SFO is approximately 14 miles away, while OAK is located across the bay.

How Far Is Princess Cruise Port in San Francisco From the Airport?

The Princess cruise port in San Francisco is conveniently located in the Embarcadero district. However, if youre flying into the city, you may be wondering how far the port is from the airport.

The closest airport to the port is San Francisco International Airport (SFO), which is approximately 14 miles away. Depending on traffic, the drive from SFO to the cruise port can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. It’s a relatively straightforward route that mainly involves taking US-101 N and then exiting onto The Embarcadero.

If youre flying into Oakland International Airport (OAK), which is located across the bay, the cruise port is a bit farther away. OAK is about 20 miles from the port, and the drive can take around 40 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic. The route typically involves taking I-880 N and then crossing the Bay Bridge onto The Embarcadero.

When planning your transportation from the airport to the port, it’s essential to consider the potential for traffic congestion during peak hours. San Francisco is known for it’s busy streets, so it’s always a good idea to leave some extra time if youre sailing out of the Princess cruise terminal.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to drive, various transportation options are available, such as taxis, ride-hailing services, and public transportation. The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) connects both airports to downtown San Francisco, where you can easily catch a taxi or ride-hailing service to the cruise port.

Overall, while the distance between the airports and the Princess cruise terminal in San Francisco may vary, both SFO and OAK are relatively close, and with proper planning, you can easily reach your cruise ship in a timely manner.

Transportation Options From San Francisco International Airport to the Princess Cruise Port

  • Taxi
  • Uber/Lyft
  • Shuttle service
  • BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)
  • Private car service
  • Public bus
  • Rental car

Source: San Francisco Port Transportation, Shuttles, Taxi


This prime location offers easy access to popular attractions, shopping districts, and transportation options, making it an ideal starting point for a memorable cruise experience. Whether you're a local or a visitor, this terminal serves as a gateway to incredible destinations, and it’s strategic placement ensures a seamless and enjoyable embarkation process for cruise enthusiasts.

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