Which River Cruise No Single Supplement

Looking for the perfect river cruise experience with no single supplement? Look no further! Embarking on a river cruise allows you to explore the world's most stunning waterways while indulging in luxurious accommodations, exceptional cuisine, and exciting excursions. Imagine enjoying all the amenities and activities on board without having to worry about paying extra for a single occupancy room. Whether you're yearning to journey down the romantic Rhine, witness the breathtaking beauty of the Danube, or discover the rich history of the Nile, there are river cruise options available for solo travelers that won't break the bank. So, get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure and let the tranquil flow of the river carry you to new and exciting destinations, all while enjoying the freedom and convenience of no single supplement on your chosen river cruise.

Do River Cruises Have Single Rooms?

River cruises offer a fantastic travel option for solo travelers, allowing them to explore beautiful destinations in a comfortable and convenient manner. However, when it comes to single rooms, the availability can vary depending on the cruise line and ship. Not all river cruise ships have single cabins, and those that do may have a limited supply, making it essential to book early if youre a single traveler.

However, due to the limited number of single staterooms available, it’s best to book early to secure your spot on the ship. These packages often include single occupancy accommodations, providing a cost-effective option for those traveling alone.

As a result, the demand for single rooms on river cruise ships has grown. Therefore, booking early not only ensures that you’ve access to single staterooms but also allows you to choose from a wider range of itineraries and sailings.

When it comes to cruise lines, finding options that don’t charge single supplements can be challenging. However, Royal Caribbean offers studio solo cabins without any additional fees, ensuring that solo travelers can enjoy their cruise experience without breaking the bank. On the other hand, if a solo traveler chooses to book a regular cabin, they may encounter single supplements that can increase the fare by up to 100 percent above the standard double-occupancy rate.

Do Any Cruise Lines Not Charge Single Supplements?

One of the most common concerns for solo travelers looking to book a cruise is the dreaded single supplement fee. This extra charge is often added to covers the cost of having a cabin all to oneself. However, not all cruise lines impose such charges. For example, Royal Caribbean offers a solution for solo travelers with it’s studio solo cabins. These specially designed accommodations are tailored for one person and don’t incur any additional charges. So, if youre looking to enjoy a solo cruise without breaking the bank, Royal Caribbean could be an excellent option.

So, if youre dreaming of embarking on a river cruise without having to pay a hefty single supplement, it’s worth looking into the options provided by various cruise lines. While Royal Caribbean may not have a complete waiver on single supplements for all cabin types, their studio solo cabins offer a feasible alternative. Additionally, be sure to inquire about any promotions or discounts aimed at solo travelers, as these can help to further reduce costs. With careful research and planning, you can find the perfect river cruise that suits your budget and travel preferences, allowing you to embark on a delightful solo journey.

Source: 7 Best Cruise Lines for Solo Travelers (2022)

In addition to Norwegian Cruise Line, there are several other cruise lines that cater to solo travelers by offering cabins without a single supplement. These companies understand the growing demand for solo cruising and provide solo-friendly options to accommodate these travelers. By eliminating the single supplement fee, solo cruisers can enjoy their journey without the additional cost.

What Cruise Lines Do Not Have a Single Supplement?

Here, solo travelers can socialize, relax, and enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks. Norwegian Cruise Line also offers a variety of exclusive activities and events for solo travelers, making it a top choice for those looking for a river cruise with no single supplement.

Another option for a river cruise with no single supplement is Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection. Uniworld offers a “no single supplement” program on select itineraries and departure dates, where solo travelers can enjoy a spacious stateroom all to themselves without having to pay extra.

Amawaterways is another river cruise line that caters to solo travelers. They offer a limited number of staterooms with no single supplement on select sailings, allowing solo travelers to enjoy the river cruise experience without breaking the bank.

Avalon Waterways also offers a “Waived Single Supplement” program on select river cruises. Solo travelers can enjoy a spacious and comfortable stateroom without having to pay the additional single supplement fee.

Emerald Waterways is another river cruise line that offers a no single supplement option on select sailings.

Scenic River Cruises is known for it’s all-inclusive and luxury river cruises, and they also offer a no single supplement option on select sailings.

Benefits and Perks for Solo Travelers on Cruises

Solo travelers on river cruises can enjoy several benefits and perks. One of the main advantages is the option to book a solo cabin without paying any single supplement fees. This means that solo travelers can have a room all to themselves without incurring any additional charges.

Furthermore, many cruise lines offer social activities and events specifically designed for solo travelers. These can include meet and greet sessions, cocktail parties, and group excursions. These activities provide an excellent opportunity for solo travelers to meet like-minded individuals and make new friends while enjoying their cruise experience.

In addition, river cruises often offer a range of onboard amenities that cater to solo travelers. These may include single seating arrangements in the dining room, dedicated solo traveler lounges, and organized group activities such as cooking classes or wine tasting sessions.

Overall, river cruises offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for solo travelers, allowing them to enjoy their vacation and create unforgettable memories without any single supplement fees.

However, for passengers traveling alone and choosing to occupy a stateroom meant for multiple people, a single supplement is added to the fare. This surcharge compensates for the loss of revenue the cruise line would have received if there were two passengers in the room. The single supplement can vary depending on the cruise line and the specific cabin category chosen.

What Does Single Supplement Mean on a Cruise?

A single supplement is an additional fee that’s added to the cruise fare for a passenger who’s traveling alone and staying in a stateroom designed for multiple occupants. Cruise ship rooms, also known as cabins or staterooms, are similar to hotel rooms but are usually more compact. Just like hotels, cruise lines offer various types of cabins, with little to distinguish them without a trained eye.

The standard cruise fare is typically charged per person and based on double occupancy of a cabin. However, when a passenger is traveling alone and chooses to stay in a cabin designed for two or more people, they’ll be required to pay a single supplement. This additional fee is meant to compensate for the lost revenue from the empty bed in the cabin.

Many cruise lines offer cabins specifically designed for single travelers, eliminating the need for a single supplement. These cabins are usually smaller and may have lower pricing to attract solo travelers. However, they can be limited in availability, especially on popular itineraries.

Finding a river cruise that doesn’t charge a single supplement can be a challenge. Most river cruise lines either charge a single supplement or offer limited single occupancy cabins that tend to get booked quickly. It’s important for solo travelers to research and compare different river cruise lines to find one that either offers cabins without a single supplement or has reasonable rates for solo occupancy.

How to Find the Best Deals on Single Occupancy Cabins on Cruise Ships

  • Research cruise ship companies that offer single occupancy cabins.
  • Sign up for their newsletters and follow them on social media for exclusive deals.
  • Book your cruise during the offseason when prices are generally lower.
  • Consider booking a repositioning cruise, which often offers discounted rates for single travelers.
  • Look for last-minute deals or flash sales on cruise websites.
  • Consider booking an inside cabin instead of a balcony or suite to save money.
  • Compare prices across different cruise booking websites to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
  • Consider booking a longer cruise, as they tend to have lower per-night rates.
  • Check if the cruise line offers any special discounts for solo travelers or loyalty program members.
  • Consider joining a cruise line’s membership club to receive exclusive offers and benefits.
  • Try contacting a travel agent who specializes in cruise bookings for assistance in finding the best deals.

However, Carnival does offer various amenities and activities for solo cruisers to enjoy, making it a popular choice for single travellers looking for fun and adventure on the high seas.

Does Carnival Cruise Charge a Single Supplement?

Does Carnival cruise charge a single supplement? Does Carnival have single cabins? Unlike many other cruise lines, Carnival doesn’t have any single staterooms. This means that solo travelers need to pay a supplement to have a double stateroom to themselves. This supplement is often 100% – meaning that single travelers have no option but to pay for two people.

However, there are ways for solo travelers to still enjoy a Carnival cruise without having to pay the exorbitant single supplement. One option is to book during certain promotional periods when Carnival offers reduced or even waived single supplements. These promotions are typically available during off-peak seasons and on certain itineraries. It’s advisable to keep an eye out for these special offers, as they can provide significant savings for solo travelers.

Another option is to look for cabin-sharing arrangements through online forums or social media groups dedicated to solo travelers. This allows singles to connect with others who’re also looking to avoid the single supplement and share the cost of a double stateroom. This can be a great way to meet new people and make friends while saving money on the cruise.

Additionally, some travel agencies and tour operators specialize in organizing river cruises with no single supplement. These companies negotiate special deals with cruise lines to offer solo travelers the opportunity to book a double stateroom without paying the supplement. These cruises are specifically designed for solo travelers, providing a comfortable and sociable environment where singles can enjoy their vacation without any additional charges.

Tips for Finding Promotional Periods With Reduced or Waived Single Supplements on Carnival Cruises

  • Research online travel websites that specialize in cruise deals
  • Sign up for newsletters and email alerts from Carnival and other cruise lines
  • Follow Carnival’s social media accounts for announcements and updates
  • Check with travel agents or cruise consultants for insider tips and information
  • Consider booking during shoulder seasons or off-peak times when demand is lower
  • Look for special promotions or sales during holidays or events
  • Consider booking a last-minute cruise for potential discounted rates
  • Be flexible with your travel dates and destination to increase chances of finding reduced or waived single supplements
  • Consider booking longer cruises, as they may have more promotional offers available
  • Compare prices and offerings across different cruise lines to find the best deals


Solo travelers deserve the opportunity to explore the world without incurring extra costs simply because they’re traveling alone. These cruises not only provide the chance to embark on unique and memorable journeys, but also offer the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and form lifelong friendships. So don't let the single supplement deter you from fulfilling your wanderlust – there are river cruises out there that welcome solo travelers with open arms, promising remarkable experiences along the winding waterways of the world.

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